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Ellina Raisovna

Ellina Raisovna

“A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, SR., American author.

Entered a new 2017 year! I congratulate you with this! I want to believe that each of you had met a New Year with the big fun. And I wish that in this year, as in all the previous ones, all your dreams will come true!

The other day I was wondering on how can change a person’s life, which is sent into an endless journey through the world. During the travel you will open your eyes to things, that in ordinary life do not pay attention. You will see from the new angle the way to treat the customs, traditions and superstitions of your country. A person who was lucky enough to see the world with his own eyes, has new opportunities. You start to feel a new value of friendship, love, family.

And I wish each of you, at least once a year, to be the man who goes on a journey and discovers new and unknown lands, meets with different cultures and customs, as well as expanding their horizons and change the perception of the world!

And to be sure you can travel more frequently, at least virtually, I will regularly share with you my discoveries and travel, in the pages of this blog!

Happy New Year, my dear friends!

Ellina Raisovna signature