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Ellina Raisovna

Ellina Raisovna

I don’t like the fashion, because it’s too windy. But I love the style, because it’s constant. (c)

Hello my dear friends!

Almost half a year I didn’t write anything on my blog, but now I decided to return!

You know, being constantly in front of people, talking about my life was not so simple, and at some point is not even interesting. I do not know how other bloggers cope with such situations, but I went into long meditations on the topic: do I need to write at all?

It’s just that at some point I was bored that a lot of strangers to me are following my life, somehow commenting on it and discussing it. It turned out that not everyone likes to be famous. I need to learn to find the line in which the personal stuff remains personal, but I can share the common.

The stylistics of the blog will change slightly. I analyzed my sections and realized that it’s not interesting to read about books, it’s more interesting to read about the trips themselves. I will write about people in a different context. It will be a section not about people, but about the characteristics of national cultures. I think it’s much more interesting. But when I grow up to make the interview with the celebrities, then I’ll start to write about people again. 😀

In my blog there will be a section about stylistics. I decided to develop my natural talent. I’ll tell you about how to pick up a wardrobe. Also very soon I will start giving personal lessons and group webinars about the style. To do this, follow the announcements in my instagram account.

I’m sure you’ll like it!

Ellina Raisovna signature