10 facts about America and Americans, which surprised me!

I wrote for you 10 facts about life in America which surprised me, just to help you preparing for a trip. You can’t read about it in the guides, but you will see it in your travels on America. 

  1. Prices for all goods and services are shown without tax. This means that if you come to the store and saw the inscription on the price tags: $1, $20, $35 or $100, do not think that this price is final. When you come to the cashier to pay, you will see in the result a different total amount. Because in this amount will be included tax.Tax
  2. Tips. Tips in America is another story. In big cities, the minimum tips starts from 18% and above, in small cities from 15%.
    When you finish your dinner, frequently officiant will give you a check. As soon he recognize you finish, he will come to you with a check. In this check you will see total sum + tax (about which I wrote before) and in the bottom part you will find: SUGGESTED TIPS. Are usually they give you a chance to choose, for example between 18%, 22%, 25%. Close to the percentage you can see also already calculated amount of money for each amount of %. If for any reason you don’t have a cash and you would like pay by card, also in that way there is no problem to leave a tips. Because in the check you will see the line in which you can write the tips and they will take those money directly from your bank account.Tips
  3. Organic food. I was astonished to see in the supermarket ORGANIC FOOD and USUAL, especially fruit and vegetables. Because for my mentality if we speak about those kind of foods, they must be organic. And another thing what is surprised me – quality and taste of organic food is really different to usual one! Is more tasted.
  4. Pharmacy. Pharmacy in America looks like a small supermarket. In famous in USA CVS Pharmacy you can by: some kind of food, beer, drinks, postcard, cosmetics, some electronic stuff and of course medicines. If once you will come in CVS Pharmacy and will take a look, about how many space inside they use for medicine part, you will surprised, because is something like 30%. In the rest part they sell other stuff.
  5. Return of goods. This is amazing and comfortable service in American shops. When you buy something in America, you have a chance return this. Sometimes you need to have a special sticker where will written: REQUIRED FOR RETURN, sometimes is enough to have a check and box. And are usually if is no possible return something, they will inform you in advance about it, before you pay. Just to create some idea for you, I will write down what I bought and returned: cosmetics, used shampoo, shoes, dress, pillow, iron, kitchenware and many other stuff. For example, when I returned iron, nobody even open the box to check if there is inside something or not. And also you don’t need to explain why you wanna return something.1
  6. Openness. For americans so easy start to speak with unknown person. They are doing it everywhere. For example, european people more closed. But americans not just easy start to speak, they also easy introduce for you them family, will tell you life stories. Once we was in the pub and close to us there was one family. From one moment to another, father of the family come close to as and start introduce all family, speak about his job, about divorce and whatever, what are usually people call “private life”. Another tim e, I was in the park and one lady ask me to make a picture. Of course, I did. And after that she came to me and start to tell she’s story about life and she’s opinion about everything. It is amazing.
  7. They love eat. Americans are eating everywhere. In the car, in the football game, at home, on the street, on the concert, in the cinema, everywhere where is possible. Sometimes ago I went on Circus du Soleil in Toyota centre in Houston and you know what? I was more surprised about people around, then about circus. All around me was eating: hot dog, chips, sandwich and something else. Someone even was in delay for show, just because they was buying food in the hall.
  8. Clothing. True is that – americans don’t care about how they and you are wearing. I speak right now about daily life. Of course if there are some special occasion they will dress by dress code, but generally they don’t care. They mix whatever they want and how they want. You can come in the elegant restaurant dressed elegant, dressed easy, dressed in sportswear, dressing how you want, because nobody will watch you. In one way is very strange for me, but in another – is very fine, because I feel free and easy.
  9. Taxi. The good thing in American taxi – is service. Because if once you will call in the taxi and tell your address and name, they will remember it. And next time when you call, they will answer: “Hello, Ellina! Should we pick up you from the … (address)”. The bad thing, in the small town, if you order a taxi in the rush hours or for short destination, they will not come or will come after 3-4 hours.
  10. Walk without shoes. One day I was walking in the residence and met my neighbor, who was walking along the street in white socks. Another time I saw some kids which was playing in front of the house without shoes. Third time, I saw one guy park the car in front of the cafe, went out of the car in his socks, he went to the car trunk, took out the shoes, put on his boots and went about his business.2

So, now you have some small idea about America and americans! Hope that information was helpful for you! But America is so big and there is a lot of thing which surprised me, is impossible tell all in one time! Therefore about them I will explain you in the new article!

To be continued…

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    It is fun reading about your impressions of America! I look forward to the continuation of the story. :-)


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