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11 interesting facts about life in Düsseldorf.

I’ll begin my story about Germany from Dusseldorf! Dusseldorf is exactly the city in which we lived for several months of winter. If you do not take into account the weather conditions in this city, and the time of year in which we settled there, then we can say that Düsseldorf is a wonderful city and I fell in love with it with all my heart.


Honestly, I have nothing to say about the inhabitants of this city, because I did not have to communicate with them personally. With the exception of short dialogues with waiters in cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.

But, I can tell one interesting fact about the population of Dusseldorf. The population of this city, to my great surprise, turned out to be multi national. I was very surprised when walking around the city met a large number of Russians, Italians, Turks, African Americans, representatives of various Arab countries, and of course Germans.

Oh yes, also the Japanese. In Düsseldorf is located the largest community of Japanese in the whole of Europe. But I will talk more about this later.


As I said at the very beginning, the time of the year that we were in Germany was not the best. It was always cold, windy, rainy, sometimes even snow. Of course we were lucky enough to see a few sunny days in Düsseldorf, but I can count their number on the fingers.

And by the way, based on the comments of local residents, also in the summer the weather is not the best, you always can see the rains in Düsseldorf.

But on sunny days, walking around this city turns into a sheer pleasure.


About them I’ll write a separate article and I’ll tell you about the most interesting places in more detail. But I want to note that by the words of local residents, then Dusseldorf is NOT a tourist city, but it has a large number of museums, monuments and other interesting places to visit.

Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself in Düsseldorf, you will not be bored there.


Dusseldorf is rightly considered the capital of fashion in Germany. There is constantly held various fashion weeks, or other events related to the Fashion Industry.

If you stroll along the royal alley (German Königsallee) and look at the names of brands presented in boutiques, then you will easily agree with the words above.

You can also pay attention to how people are dressed around, especially in the area of ​​the same alley. They are  dressed very nice and tasteful.


I got the impression that Dusseldorf is a city of endless holiday. In it daily, weekly, monthly, there are many events of different scale. And if you decide to visit each of them, then you have to travel daily from one part of the city to another, so as not to miss any.

In fact, it’s great, because the residents and guests of the city, in general, do not have a time to be bored. Thanks for that to the administration of the city.

Opening hours of shops.

This point pissed me off all the time in Düsseldorf, but as I understood, it is relevant for the whole of Germany.

The fact is that on Sundays all stores are closed, both grocery and industrial. In addition to shops, many cafes and restaurants are closed. Therefore, if your work schedule is such that the only day in which you can go for food, enjoy the morning cappuccino in a cafe, go shopping, etc., then this is your personal problem.

You need to have time to make all shopping a maximum until Saturday, and on Sunday just rest. As far as I understand, this working format of shops is regulated by law.

Fortunately, this does not apply to the airport, so if suddenly you have an urgent need for any food, you can go to the supermarket to the airport, or to gas stations.

Separation of garbage.

As in many European countries in Germany, you need to be very careful about what you throw out and where. We had three trash bins at home, because we had to divide garbage into paper, plastic and so on. The clothes, shoes, large-sized boxes had to be handed in a separate place. In the city for this you can find special tanks.

At the same time, if the garbage box near your house is full and you put your garbage near the tank, and not into it, then nobody will touch your garbage. So you will have to wait until the garbage box will be empty, and then you can throw your garbage bag there. Although it would seem, what is complicated for the garbage service to take this package?


Düsseldorf is a very clean city! I have often seen how cleaners washed the railings, walls and ceiling in the subway! Can you imagine such a thing ?? I was in shock!

Neighborhood with other cities.

Düsseldorf is in close proximity to many interesting cities, such as Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Germany; Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Liege, Brussels, Belgium; Luxembourg, and others.

In just an hour or two, we can easily not only look at the new city, but also on the new country! For this I especially love Europe! For the fact that in just a couple of hours you can be in another country.


I think many know that the most popular German dishes are pork knuckle

and sausages, which are served with mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage. The dishes are delicious, but very heavy for daily use, so we often ate Italian food that we cooked at home, or went to the Gingerboy Chinese restaurant that we liked so much. Apparently we often visited this restaurant, that one day the administrator approached us and asked: do not you like pork and sausages? And to our dumb question: why did you think like this? She answered: because you almost every evening have supper in our restaurant.

It was funny to hear this, but she was right. And of course, the fact was that in this restaurant they were preparing an amazing Beijing duck and sharp prawns with vegetables! Mmmhhh.

One of the facts that frustrated me in Germany is that it’s very difficult to find a place where a delicious cappuccino is prepared. I had to drink more than one cappuccino in various coffee shops in Dusseldorf, until one day I accidentally discovered the cafe «РУС». In this cafe they make very tasty cappuccino and fresh cheesecakes.


In Dusseldorf you can find everything! A wonderful city! Any food that comes to your mind you can buy in Düsseldorf. And it’s very cool.

Suffering in Turkey from the absence of pork and other its derivatives, as well as the absence of variety of cheeses, etc. Dusseldorf seemed to us a gastronomic paradise.

By the way, I noticed that if a country is not rich in its own cuisine, then it is easy to find restaurants with different cuisines from around the world! For example, in Italy and Turkey, the cuisine is very rich, and finding a restaurant in which is prepared something else is not easy, especially in small towns. It is clear that in megacities and tourist cities you can find anything. But in Germany, in Russia, the cuisine is not particularly rich, so you can always find international restaurants.

To be continued…

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