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7 facts about Russia and the Russians, which will surprise you!

Today I would like to tell you a little about Russia and the Russians. This information is useful and interesting for all those who have never been to Russia, for those who are going for travel to Russia, as well as for those who have already visited it. Something what you can’t find in a tour guides. 

The story about Russia and the Russians I want to start with a poem written by the great Russian poet Tyutchev Fyodor Ivanovich. Fyodor Ivanovich wrote this poem in 1866, and it perfectly describes Russia to this days.

“Don’t cover Russia with your mind,

Don’t use your norms for understanding:

It has its outstanding kind –

You must believe without fading.”

Based on Tyutchev’s words, I want to warn you right away, do not try to understand Russia, because it is not possible even for Russians. 😃 Come just to enjoy and see the beautiful corners of nature and famous sights.

1. First name, Last name and Patronymic.

As you can see the name of the great Russian poet consists of three components. The fact is that in Russia 3 names are used and written in the passport:

a. First name

b. Surname

c. Father’s name (Middle name)

For example: Tyutchev Fyodor Ivanovich:

a. Name – Fyodor

b. Family name – Tyutchev

c. Middle name – Ivanovich (because his father’s name is Ivan)

To call a person by name and middle name is a respectful way. Just by name, you can call a person only if you have an agreement on this with him. For example, if you’re friends.

2. Tariffs for foreign tourists.

We have become accustomed to the fact that arriving at the airport and ordering a taxi, we are most likely have to pay a double tariff. But the Russians came up with another means of making money – a special tariff for foreigners. «Welcome to Russia, baby.» 😂

This tariff you will see everywhere, starting from a taxi at the airport and ending in the museums. Yes, I’m not kidding, museums have a special line with the ticket price for tourists, higher than for Russians. To me, as a local resident, of course it’s nice to pay less, but I’m a bit uncomfortable for tourists. 🤷🏼‍♀️

At the airport I advise you to book a taxi through online services. And even better, get a Russian friend who will help you while you’re visiting the country. But with the museum excuse me, prices are officially registered there.

3. Once I saw on the Internet a funny picture, on which it was written: “what part of the word “no” you don’t understand»? 😃

This picture is very clearly characterises the mentality, resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Russians. If it occurred to a Russian person that he needs something very much, then your excuses will not change his opinion and he will do his best to achieve the result.

Look at the photo below, I make this photo in one of the shops. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is forbidden to sell alcohol products in Russia from 23.00 to 8.00. But at the same time in every city of the country there are 24-hour shops. Therefore, people who want to drink at night go there and are asked to sell them alcohol, despite the law. And apparently, in this particular case, the store employees were so tired of listening to constant requests and excuses that they decided to describe in advance all the possible reasons for the refusal. 🤣



Alcoholic products are not sold, even if:
– I’m one of you;
– I’m not from the police;
– Nobody will know;
– I’ll put in a bag;
– I always took it here;
– I have a holiday; birthday;
– I know the authorities and the entire staff of the store personally;

Surprise your liver – drink a water!)

I need to explain better. All Russians know that there is such a law that prohibits the sale of alcohol at night, but nevertheless they still hope that someone will sell it to them. Isn’t funny?

4. The power of networking. 😎

In Russia there is such a rule as additional gifts to people of special professions with whom you want to maintain good relations. Whether it’s a banker, or a doctor, a policeman, a lawyer, in general, a representative of any profession with whom you would like to be friends and count on his help in the future.

So, in Russia, it is not enough to pay a professional for his work, we need to give him some gifts periodically. Congratulate with all holidays, sometimes bring gifts from the trips, call in the birthday day, etc. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that in case you have problems, this person will help you in priority order. ☝🏼

5. Helpful people. 🙏🏼

To date, in large cities, there are a lot of Russian people who speak different languages ​​of the world. So, if you suddenly get lost, or do not know how to go somewhere, you can always stop a person on the street and ask him for help.

Russians are very kind and responsive to tourists, they will definitely do their best to help you solve the problem.

6. Refutation of banal jokes about Russia. 🙄

Sorry if I disappoint you now, but in Russia, bears do not walk the streets. Only if… 😃

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com2

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com3

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com4

These pictures I took from here.

In Russia, people drink alcohol, but no more than in any other country in the world. To me, by the way, it is not clear why Russia is considered a country of alcoholics. I have seen in many other countries, how people drink alcohol daily, and somewhere even in the daytime. In Russia it is not accepted, except for holidays. By the way, Friday is almost a holiday in Russia. 🤣

It is true that most of the country lives in poor climatic conditions, but people have already adapted. And it is important to understand that if a person is come from Russia, this does not mean that he likes to live in the cold area. This means only that he grew up with such climatic conditions.

7. The ingenuity of the Russians. 💪🏼😎

The Russians are very inventive. There is no such everyday problem that a Russian person could not solve. Look at the pictures below and you will understand what I’m talking about. 😎

The secret of cooking Russian dumplings. 🤣

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com5

(this photo I took from here)

Now you know what to do with the old computer mouse. 🤓

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com6

(this photo I took from here)

Life is beautiful, despite the vagaries of nature. 🤪

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com7

(this photo I took from here)

Russians also love grill. 😎

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com8

(this photo I took from here)

No comments! 🤣

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com9

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com10

7 facts about Russia and the Russians. www.ellinaraisovna.com11

(this photos I took from here)

Russia is a wonderful and funny country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Be sure to visit it at the earliest opportunity.

P.S. Treat this article with irony.

Do you have any questions for me? Write them in the comments.

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