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7 facts about Belgrade and Serbs, which surprised me!

After spending a few days in Belgrade, I paid attention to some features of the city and Serbs, about which I will tell you below. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, but being in it, I have never had the impression that I am in the capital. Rather, it was the feeling that I was in an ordinary small town.

1. Height.

Most of the Serbs are tall and slender. Regardless of age, all look very good.

Walking along the streets I felt not comfortable, because every passing Serb was at least a head taller than me. To understand what surprised me, it is that my height is 169 cm. In Russia and any other European country, this growth is considered average. The average growth in Belgrade, in my opinion, is 175-180 cm.

2. Smoking.

There are a lot of smoking people in Belgrade. And especially a lot of smoking girls. I have nothing against smoking people in general, but I was surprised by the concentration of smoking people in one city.

In every bar and in every restaurant, from what I saw, there were a lot of smoking people. I got the impression that smoking there, is part of the culture. I saw people who came to the bar, ordered coffee and could sit there for hours, smoking a cigarette one by one, chatting with friends, playing with the phone, etc.

3. An eternal feast.

It may seem that in Belgrade there is no such thing as a weekend. Europeans are used to the fact that on weekdays everyone is busy with work, so they do not have time to go to bars and restaurants. And only closer to the weekend, the number of people who spend time outside the home is increasing.

In Belgrade, if you go for a walk along the main streets, or drop in at any restaurant, then even in Mon. and Tues. you will see the people there. Of course, in Fri. and Sat. the concentration of people is much higher in public places. But, in my opinion, even on weekdays the restaurateurs have no problems with the customers.

4. Prices.

Belgrade is a cheap city. Cheap in comparison with European cities. Therefore, to go to Belgrade for a weekend from Europe is a pleasure. The average price for a taxi is 2-4 euros. The average price for dinner in an excellent restaurant with alcohol, about 20-30 euros for each person.

5. Youth city.

On the streets of Belgrade you will see many young people. For a few days in this city, only a couple of times I met older people. Maybe I’ve seen them more times, but as a percentage of young people on the streets, they are simply invisible. Or they spend their time in other parts of the city.

6. Architecture.

Some houses in Belgrade simply amazed me with their absurdity. And I still wonder: Who and Why did design them this way?

The house that impressed me most, and which you will see in the pictures, is located near New Belgrade. Close to hotels Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn.

There was another building in which the windows were in the form of rectangles stretched upwards. And as a whole, the impression was created that there are practically no windows, just concrete walls around. But, unfortunately, I do not have photos of this building.

7. Language.

In Serbia, as in Russia, the Cyrillic alphabet is used. And many words are similar with the Russian words, but often the same word can be written in the same way, but sound and mean completely different things.

Serbian words are somewhat reminiscent of Old Russian words. Therefore, to read any inscriptions in Belgrade, was very fun for me. Those who know the Russian language, I advise you to read and laugh. Those who do not know, I’m sorry, but even if I translate the meaning of the phrase, you still do not understand about what to laugh at.

In general, I liked Belgrade, and I would like return there again for the weekend.

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