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My name is Ellina. I like to travel, meet new people and their cultures, and also to develop myself. Thanks to my insatiable craving for knowledge, love for travel, and also, love for people, I’ve been traveling the world for the last 5 years continuously.

I work as a marketing manager, and thanks to modern technologies and the Internet, I have a wonderful opportunity to work without binding to the office, and do it from anywhere in the world. You know, the Internet has a lot of minuses, but a chance to work anywhere in the world, I consider it as an indisputable plus.

My blog is my hobby. I write articles about my travels and discoveries that I encounter every day. After living in different countries, a person has the opportunity to open daily something new and thereby develop himself. I like to share with you these discoveries, as well as give useful advice for travellers.

Therefore, I invite everyone to the pages of this blog. Read it, discover something new and of course – TRAVEL! 🛩❤️

Love you, guys!

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Believe in yourself, enjoy your life, enjoy the first rays of the sun, love, travel, appreciate every moment of your life! And remember: all that is done, is done for the better!