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My name is Elina Raisovna. This blog is my hobby, and like everybody know time, what we spend for hobby is a most pleasant time. Each article is written with love and desire.

I travel around the world and writing here about the world, people, life and books. In the last two years, I have visited about 15 countries and more than 70 cities in them. I met many new interesting people. I improved my English language. I become a new person and it inspires me.

I invite you travel with me in the pages of www.ellinaraisovna.com! All are very welcome!

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P.S. I absolutely don’t pretend to dogmatism of my reasoning, because I think that the experience of each individual is unique. So enjoy reading and write your comments.

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«The universe is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper» Eden Phillpotts, British novelist and playwright.