About sale.

That is a story of one person which after university was going to work like a seller. Which way he passed and what helped him to grow up. How much helped to him the book of american authors.

My story about sale began like that. After graduating from university I got a job as a secretary in a small company, consisting of three people, including me.

It sounds funny, but it was true: in this company was working two directors and I’m. The company sells spare parts of machinery.

Very soon, in addition to secretarial duties, they began to ask me to sell. You can imagine my shock? While the word “sale” for me it was akin to the word “nightmare”. I did not want and did not know how to sell. Somehow, in our country, «sales people” are perceived as barbarians and all of their tricks in sales – as a personal insult a person. But the entire economy is built on the circulation of money in the nature and you should selling something just to be sure that somone buy something.

But despite all my “I do not want” I was need to start sell. By the way, that was telephone sales. You have no idea what I should overcome myself and start making calls. But it was not enough just to dial phone numbers I was need to talk with them, need to selling! At that time came to help me my director, he began to teach me to sell and brought the first in my life, the book sales. Frankly, neither the author nor the names I do not remember, I remember only that when I was reading the recommendations I was in shock. The author was an American, he shared his experience of the series: “How I became a millionaire.” Naturally all of his experience has been adapted to the American reality, but at this time I did not realize. Some recommendations I just read, and some started to use. The effect was stunning – everything worked. The most important thing was to overcome fear and to forget about all the prejudices.

In general, the “sales people” – is not a shy people. Either you are free from prejudice and other delusions imposed by society, or you can forget to make a successful sale.

So, after reading this book and use some guidance from her, I began to sell. When I having made my first sale on the phone – sold some details, I’m and my directors was surprise.

Then I realized that I have to learn to sell. I began to read many books on sales, a little later books on business, negotiations, and others. All this helped me to form my own sales style. As a result, I began to get real pleasure from my work. In the year since 2011, I learned about Constantine Baksht, reread the entire series of his books at the time, they are really cool and useful. But the bulk of the books I read was written by American authors.

Books by American authors were interesting and informative, but they have a lot of tips that seem strange at first glance. A lot of attention is paid to the collection of customer information, networking, originality, memorable images and business cards, status and so on. In Russia, the first time such an active promotion of all these methods, I heard on the course “Business of Youth.” But despite all this, many councils seem strange. There were doubts about their use and perception by the public.

After some time I left the sale.

And not so long ago, traveling to America, I finally saw in practice what read in books. Oh, they just “KINGS OF SALE”. They made everyone, even a small element of the system in such a way so that the “buyer” (figuratively speaking, about a company or about natural person) there was no other choice but to “eat” all the tricks and buy.

Collect contacts.

In any US store you the cashier will ask you at least: telephone number and e-mail. Often ask the address, name and surname. Some stores is arranged so that it is impossible to make a purchase without leaving your contact information.

Not so long ago, I decided to print the photographs. Arriving at the studio, and chose all that I need, I have started to send photos to print, immediately came out a form which asked to indicate: name, phone number, e-mail. Without the input of these data, the system did not allow print photos.

When buying in stationery store one pencil at the checkout I was asked to provide a phone number.

When buying clothes and paying by the card, they will ask for at least an email address.

In America, very common purchases on-line, and when you buy something in any case you have to fill out the form with your contact details, which are then use the “cunning sales people.»

Memorable images.

I distinctly remember the examples from the book, when one or another author advised to make original cards, or to dress in a certain manner. For example, wearing a red tie. And after on the business card is required to use this identification mark. Imagine my surprise when, driving along one of the street of the city I saw a sign: “Lawyer in the gray hat.” It was a sign the law firm.

I also saw one of the billboards, which declared: “Yesterday a student, now a successful salesman!”. It was an invitation to study at one of the business schools.

And such examples are just a million in America. At every step you will see how it works in practice. It surprises and delights at the same time.

One conclusion: Americans are “the best” in sales!

No one the seller does not hesitate will start to “ask” you a questions and easy to make conversation with you, even in the latrines, and almost every dialogue begins with a compliment to your side.

So, if you want to learn how to sell large contracts – learn from American authors practitioners! Learn also from Russian authors, because their experience will help you to combine this knowledge with the Russian reality! And most importantly – “Do not be shy!” For each unit you will sold –  you will have a nice plus to your salary!

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