Each of you have probably at least once flew on a plane. To date, the aircraft – the fastest means of transportation available to the masses. Maybe you flying once a year, maybe you build an international business and spend most of your time at airports. Nevertheless, for each flight you have a question: what to do while waiting for?

The airport it is a business, so big business that it is able to influence the economy of the region and the state. And as you know all business – schemes have competition, let’s see how to attract customers in the airline business.

I reviewed the 7 most major airports from all parts of the world: Russia, Europe, Asia, England, USA, Brazil, China. Identified common and special services, which companies use to attract consumers.


Rooms mother and child, packing luggage, porter service, Wi-Fi, luggage trolleys, lockers, restaurants, shops, banks, post office, hotels, travel agencies, rental car, prayer rooms and chapels, taxi, lost property office, showers, exchange currencies, VIP rooms, business rooms, massage chairs, rooms for officials and delegations, pharmacies, fax and photocopying services, hotel reservations, playgrounds, smoking room, dry cleaning, parking, cinemas, museums, exhibition centers.

Beauty salons in which you can do: massage, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, various spa – treatments.

Getting to and from the airports you can by: taxi, car, train, subway, bus.

Now we start most interesting part, the individual characteristics and a brief summary of each of them.


Sheremetyevo International Airport.

This airport is the largest hub of the Russian Federation, from him every day fly aircraft more than in 200 destinations.

Area: 480 sq m

Number of passengers per year: 35 million people.

Year Opened: 1959.

The list of services provided by the airport Sheremetyevo can be found in the main list above.

An interesting fact is that the Sheremetyevo was built on the site of a former military base at the direction of N. S.  Khrushchev, who was so impressed scale of Heathrow Airport in London, he decided to build something like this in his own country.

Particular attention in this airport is for passengers with disabilities. The airport authority has developed a range of services to help easily have a good trip for all passengers. You just need behind 48 hours prior to arrival to inform the airport on your needs and on the day of arrival / departure you will have friendly staff and all servises.


Rhein-Main-Flughafen – International Airport Frankfurt.

He is one of the major European hubs.

Area: 149 hectares.

Number of passengers per year: 58 million people.

Year Opened: 1924.


Parking. A huge parking complex adjacent to the airport. It is convenient that from of it you can get to the airport building.

At the airport there are maps on which you can easily navigate in space.

But the main “feature” of the service is the ability to register the marriage in a building of the airport. The administration will prepare for you a lot of pleasant surprises and gifts, as well as take care of comfort and a sense of celebration. Just imagine: the airport lives his life, crowd of travellers walking through the halls and then you, in your wedding clothes with happy faces.


Singapore Changi Airport – Changi International Airport.

It is a major aviation hub in Asia.

Area: 13 square meters.

Number of passengers per year: 46.5 million people.

Year Opened: 1955.


In addition to standard way, to and from the airport you can arrive by water transport – by ferry.

At the airport you can also find a game room: Xbox, cinema, swimming pool in the transit area, the Botanical Gardens.


London Heathrow Airport.

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom belong to the European states, they continue to maintain its sovereignty, so I select the airport separately.

It is the third-busiest passenger airport in the world. As well as the main hub in Europe.

Area: 12.14 sq. km.

Number of passengers per year: 69.4 million people.

Year Opened: 1946.


This airport pays special attention to passengers with children. There is a service through which you can pre-order fresh milk to feed your baby. In the day of your arrival you will have it.

Heathrow is the only airport in the world in which you can order any food in the restaurant, they will pack it properly and allowed to take on board aircraft.

Also in the airport shops are held year-round action on which it is possible to win valuable prizes and memorable.

During the Christmas holidays from December 11 to January 4, airport authorities provide free meals for children.

Early booking. Going on a journey through Heathrow Airport, you can pre-select any online products and book their purchase. On the day of arrival your order will be expected you.

In addition, while shopping, you can use the services of a professional stylist.

At Heathrow uses an innovative system of personal transport to move around the overpass. Outwardly, it looks more like a small carriage, which for a fee, will take you from the car park to the departure \ arrival hall.

New York.

John F. Kennedy International Airport.

It is the largest international airport in the United States and a major hub.

Area: 13.9 sq meters.

Number of passengers per year: 47.9 million people.

Year Opened: 1947.


The airport was built on golf courses.

In addition to the standard features to arrive at the airport, passengers are offered another option – a helicopter! Passengers heading to the airport will be able to go through security checks directly to Wall Street to avoid the queues at the airport.

Kennedy Airport is one of the first airports in which appeared all familiar to us today services. In this building for the first time in the history of airports emerged cable TV, baggage conveyors, electronic signs and precursors of modern luggage scale. Teletrap, which takes passengers from the plane to the airport building.

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport.

Is the air gateway to China, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Area: 1,255 hectares.

Number of passengers per year: 53.3 million people.

Year Opened: 1998.


Exhibition of paintings with an optical illusion, an exhibition of photographs, exhibition of sharks, a historical exhibition of political events, the exhibition dedicated to the famous Bruce Lee Bruce Lee. In addition to entertainment places for children, at the airport there is also a museum of toys, which attracts the attention of young passengers, the exhibition of dress opera singers.

Aviation Center, where visitors can get acquainted with the aircraft and the device in more detail, the golf course, cinema Imax. The educational park for children, where they can try themself as an adult, go to work, to put the necessary uniforms and so on.

The airport is built on an artificial island.

In the airport you can also get there by ferry.

The building itself have 8 level, from the roof offers a great view on the runways. There you’ll find a viewing platform and restaurant.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Guarulhos.

Aeroporto International de Sao Paulo / Guarulhos – Governador Andre Franco Montoro.

It is the busiest airport in Brazil.

Area: 14 square kilometers.

Number of passengers per year: 21.7 million people.

Year Opened: 1985.


On the airport’s website has a very convenient service, you can specify the date of arrival or departure from the ticket and they will send an e-mail details to guide the airport.

You will likely be surprised such a service at the airport, but Brazil seems to have a need for such services as: locksmith, shoe shiner, dentist, hairdresser.

As you can see, will not be bored! I wish you a pleasant journey!

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