Amazing facts about life of Americans.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.

As I already told, America and the Americans way of living is very different from the European. People, which cross the ocean, in order to see one of the youngest country in the world, will be surprised watching the life of Americans. Fun fact that, also Americans which traveling in Europe, surprised for the same arguments when they see the European way of living.

Recently in the book Amy Thomas «Paris, My Sweet» I read a funny moment, in which she said that the Europeans are very “cold” people, and that in the streets and cafes with her greets only the elderly, the others, overlooked Amy.

Reading these words, I remembered the first time when I arrived in America. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the Americans are very friendly people. Wherever you go in America, in any place where you can see other persons you will see the smile and hear from each of them: «Hi! How is going?» Etc.

In the “10 facts about America and Americans, which surprised me!». I have listed ten facts that surprised me the most. In this article, I will add another seven.

1. Taxes in hotels. When you will pay for hotels, you will be surprised by the fact that in addition to the price of the hotel, you will have to pay a number of taxes, the existence of which you never knew. These taxes vary depending of the city and state where did you spent time. In the picture below, you can see the taxes that I paid for one night in hotel Houston.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.1

2. Customer focus. Once I came to the photo shop to print some pictures. There were automatic machines, where you can print your own photos. But unfortunately, for some reason, one of these machines was not working that day. And corner with this shop was closed for a weekend. I was approached by employee of the another department, apologized, recorded my name and asked me to come a day later.
When I arrived there the next day, already working day for a photo shop, his employees has printed my pictures and told me that it is absolutely free. Because yesterday the machine was not working for their fault.
Another time, one of my friend had a birthday and he decided to buy the donuts for big number of the people. Early in the morning he went to buy fresh donuts, but the store did not have the change. They apologized and gave him these donuts for free, just for the reason that there was no change and was their own fault. Amazing!

3. “Сarton House”. Watching American movies, I always wondered: how it is possible that during a fight a person can break the wall by head or hand? Visiting America, I realized what was happening. Different make the materials from which are built homes. The materials are fundamentally different from those used in Europe. American homes are like cardboard. If you look at it, you think that the house is built of brick or any other strong material, but in reality it’s just a сhipboard. The same situation with the furniture and such examples are many in America.

4. The control of the sale of cigarettes and alcohol. With this in America is very strict, cigarettes and alcohol will not be sold under any circumstances if you are under 21 years old. If you will want to by something like that, they will be asked to present a passport or driver’s license. In the restaurants or cafes you will be not able to drink alcohol if you do not provide proof that you are over 21 years old. The clubs and the casino without a passport will not be allowed too. For example, they not allowed me even go inside of the shop where they sell the alcohol without a passport, because they think I looks younger than 21 years. But anyway, the documents each must show, even if you are old.

5. Shopping online. In America, on-line you can buy everything! This is a really very common service. You can buy anything online, if something does not fit or you do not like, you can send it back. If you came to the store and wanted to buy shoes, but the store did not have your size, they will order these shoes online with free delivery to your home.

6. Movie Theaters. Here are a few interesting points. The first, when you buy the tickets they sell them without seat. Basically, you buy a ticket, and when you go to see the movie, you can seat in any place, what you like.

Secondly, in US theaters a lot of advertising. Any film, begins at least 20 minutes after the time indicated on the ticket, because all this time, there is an advertising. At the same time, the sale of tickets at the movie closes, when the film has already begun by the “official time”.

7. Metric system. In America used instead of kg – pounds, instead of kilometers – miles, instead of degrees – Fahrenheit, instead of liters – gallons. This funny that we, Europeans mostly do not know how to translate from one system to another, and the Americans have a similar complexity. Therefore, in the store, I constantly had a confusion, when I tried to buy something, because it was impossible to explain how to convert from kilograms to pounds.

P.S. In this article, I don’t judge any country, I just wanna say that there is a lot of difference between each of us. And that is great! Because in this case, every journey we can discover something new and interesting!

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