Angelique Svetlova.

Have you ever met amazing women? I am, fortunately, yes, and more than once. Recently I met with another such amazing woman, and her name was Angelique Svetlova. Angelique is a very interesting and versatile woman, so I want to introduce you to her more closely.

One of my friends, Margarita, told me a lot about Angelique, and always positive and admiring. And it became interesting to me to see what kind of miracle woman this is? That’s why I visited the master class of Angelique, which was held by the “Club Keys” in Chelyabinsk. You know, after our first meeting with Angelica, I was ready to agree with Margarita, but I was finally convinced of the charm and magic of Angelique, after our second meeting and closer communication.

Snow-white dress, calm voice, self-confidence, smooth movements, the manner to answer questions, but the most important is that inner energy and balance, harmony if you want, which enveloped everyone with hers warmth. I really liked how Angelique talked about her achievements. She managed to share her successes without a drop of boasting and posturing.

Moreover, I just adore women who love and respect their husbands/men who sincerely admire them. But unfortunately, I met a few such women. Usually everyone has a complaint or many claims.

So, Angelique belongs to the category of women who respect their men, and from this it becomes much more interesting for me to communicate with her, listen to her advice, because she learned to communicate with her husband, has built harmonious, right relations, and now teaches this to others.

The way of Angelique cannot be called short, she has been practicing yoga for 20 years, eats vegetarian food, composes horoscopes, leads female practices, and who knows what else this amazing woman is addicted to! Behind her, there is a successful experience of restaurant business and managerial positions in large companies.

By the way, thanks to Angelique, I started writing again, because as before I had a creative crisis, I began to consider my business useless, which was very mistaken, because people use my advice to this day. Therefore, I am happy to be with you again and share my experience and discoveries. Thank you, Angelique!

In order not to be unfounded, I decided to interview Angelique and share it with you!

Read, be inspired, enjoy!

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E.R.: Angelique, can you tell us your story? How did you come to the spiritual development and enlightenment from the successful restaurant business?

A.: Of course, I did not come to enlightenment, but rather I confidently go to it. People who seek to develop themselves and their own consciousness all life consists of stages of becoming, and before I opened a restaurant, I successfully worked at a design institute by profession of an architect, then in a finance company. But I am a woman of such a character that when I am already getting to know some particular subject or business, I choose something new where I can again acquire skills and excellence, so it was with the financial company and with the restaurant.

I like it when creativity does not just turn into work. When I realised that the restaurant business is no longer improving me, I switched to something higher, namely, to teaching and my education in the field of spiritual knowledge.

Although I have been engaged in yoga since 1996 and received knowledge of the ancient Indian Vedas for 20 years, in India from the Brahmins and astrologers, at the school of Vedic knowledge in Latvia. And in 2009 I met a teacher and realised that I need to go further, I began to teach and transfer the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, and of course to learn further.

E.R.: Please, tell us about what you are doing now?

A.: Now my life is filled with a huge number of beautiful people around me, which I teach. I teach various trainings on relationships, trainings for women and men, consult and help them in various difficult life situations with which they turn to me, I practice psychological practices and travel a lot to the sacred places of our planet, and places of power. I also practice rejuvenation of the body, I pass on my experience and knowledge to the people.

E.R.: How do you manage to be constantly charged with energy? What is the source of your energy? I’m still impressed by your phrase that you have enough energy to talk to us all evening and night.

(It was in the master class.)

A.: Apparently this way of life – yoga, nutrition, positive thinking, communication with pleasant people. A lot of energy gives when you build a life the way you want, doing what you love. And for me now this is the transfer of knowledge, training and counselling, here I find myself, I am improved and get a lot of joy when I see the results of my students and their happy life.

The knowledge that I get now from my teacher gives me the opportunity to understand and see the world, to be filled with energy from outside and not to waste energy on what is not needed. And yet, when you get in front of the audience, you turn on, you go into the stream and don’t stop even sometimes it’s difficult. When a person has accumulated a lot of knowledge and resource, he can easily charge people! Communication is always an exchange, you are listened with joy and interest, and you are ready to give, give and give!

E.R.: What you can recommend readers to be healthy, happy and look as good as you?

A.: Learn and apply knowledge, only they open the doors to different spheres of life, to learn the Laws of the World, so as not to get lost in the three pines. It is necessary to know what, why and how everything exists in this world. And of course to love yourself to rejoice at your successes, and use failures as an experience in training. Understand that life is a great gift and it is beautiful, and every minute of yours is priceless.

E.R.: What is your motto in life? And is there anyway?

A.: The motto? Do not stop, movement is life!

E.R.: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A.: To invent something new. Being at home, now my husband and I have conceived a new project in our house, planting a “garden of friends”. We plant every tree or flowers under the name of the friend who gave it to us, and thus it turns out that all our friends are always with us! And every time this is something new, what we give our free time. Well, of course, skis, scooters, rollers, skates, bicycles, swimming, sunbathing, I love to be at sea. I grew up by the sea and now I live near the sea. I like to sing, draw, dance, read, I adore to travel! Here is a list.

E.R.: What’s your favourite book?

A.: I have many favourite books. Last year, I read “Shantaram” written by Gregory David Roberts, and now I read “Atlas Shrugged” written by Ayn Rand.

E.R.: You said that you traveled a lot and traveled to this day, and I also know that your travels are special. Tell us please about your special travels?

A.: I always dreamed of seeing seven wonders of the world. When in school we studied history and I saw these miracles in the pictures, for example, pyramids, I dreamed to visit there and in all these places. And I visited all these places and touched this ancient and younger history.

Now my special trips are connected with various practices, psychological practices, discovery of super opportunities, rejuvenation, places connected with amazing and special people and places of power. These are Peru, Mexico, Japan, America, and many other countries.

E.R.: Please tell us what country or city, you liked the most? And where would you still like to return? What attracted you to this or that place?

A.: I love many countries, but every year I return to Japan, Peru, Mexico, India.

In several trips to Japan, I managed to learn at the Geish school. It was an amazing experience, especially since no one is allowed to enter these establishments, especially tourists, but we did. We saw the hereditary master of samurai swords, they are allowed to do only a few pieces per year. We managed to see how the samurai sword is tempered. The master specially for my group kept this sword and when we came to him he did this amazing job with us, it’s Magic.

In Peru, we communicate with shamans, make various ceremonies, leave for a month in the jungle and live there in the village. This is also an unusual experience, invaluable and incomparable to anything, allowing you to see and know yourself in ceremonies, your past lives and kind. And of course, Machu Picchu and many amazing places, a village on Lake Titicaca where there is a president.

I’m in love with Mexico, too. Mexico is a positive first of all, the Mexicans are very nice people. We also going in places of power, to pyramids, to the most famous shamans. This year we hold ceremonies with shamans in the crater of the volcano in which huge strength and power, I’m with trembling wait for this experience.

Caribbean islands, I really love this white cold sand and a permanent holiday! In the Caribbean I liked the 3D museum, we as children ran and photographed in every 3D picture. Underground lakes are amazing!

India is my love, such a soft female energy, where we rejuvenate ourselves on special Ayurvedic retreats, perhaps in India I was most of the time, 20 times.

I also go to Europe. Rome is my favourite city, I love Paris. I like strong cities with a great history

Montenegro is the country where I enjoy, even ours and my husband’s wedding was a very beautiful country in Montenegro.

In those countries where we are going, we connect with their history and characteristics, with subtle energy and feel the breath of centuries.

E.R.: Thank you, Angelique, for such wonderful and insanely interesting answers. I wish you prosperity and happiness!

A.: Thank you, Ellina for your wonderful questions.

P.S.: If you liked the story about Angelique and you want to get to know her better, then you can visit her website:

Thank you for attention!

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