Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade is the beautiful capital of Serbia. Belgrade is named after the white-stone fortress, which the Romans built in 33 BC. The city of Belgrade has a long and somewhat sad history. But today it is a modern youth city in which it is nice to come for the weekend. I would even call Belgrade a city of fun. 😉  The answer to the question: “Why?”, Read in the previous article “7 facts about Belgrade and Serbs that surprised me!”

When is it better to fly to Belgrade?

I believe that it’s best to fly to Belgrade in the summertime. 🌞 Because it’s cold and boring in winter there, but in the summer the weather is fine. Belgrade is a city for fun, walks, outdoor parties, so summer is the best time to visit. 👌🏼


Belgrade is divided into two parts: the old town (Stari Grad) and the new city (Novi Grad). In the old town there are all the main historical sights. The new city is located approximately in the middle between the city center and the airport. It houses modern business centers, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Belgrade is a small city. That means you can stop in any part of it, becausy in 10-15 minutes by car you will be able to reach your tourist destination.😄

We stayed at Novi Grad, because there are new hotels in it. 😎

What to do?

There are not many attractions in Belgrade, but nevertheless there is something to occupy yourself for a few days. ☺

 1. In Belgrade, you must take a walk along the main pedestrian street of Knez Mihailova.

On this street there are located shops, restaurants, bars, administrative buildings, banks, hotels, a library, etc. In the past, until the 1950s, the rich and noble families of Belgrade lived on the street of Knez Mihailova. 😎

2. Try the Serbian cuisine.

If you are a vegetarian, then my advice does not suit you, because the Serbian cuisine is mostly meat. If you are a lover of meat and especially pork, then you’ll like Serbian cuisine. 😋

For a few days spent in Belgrade, we managed to have supper in several different restaurants. And the best of them was the authentic restaurant “Zavicaj”. We liked everything from interior to food and drink there.

The restaurant is located slightly away from the city center, but this is rather its plus than minus. Because the farther from the center, the farther from the tourists, the more likely it is to try real Serbian cuisine.

All that we ate there was fresh and tasty. Take a look at my satisfied face in the photo, it speaks for itself. 😍

3. Have fun on Skadarska Street (Скадарлија, Скадарска улица).

Скадарлија is a bohemian district (street) of Belgrade. There are restaurants, bars and discos on Скадарлија. Walking along this street during the day, you can see the shooting of local models, singers. In the evening Скадарлија turns into a wonderful place for fun. 💃🏼🕺🏼

It is on Скадарлија street that you can dine in one of the restaurants of Serbian cuisine; listen to national music, which will be specially played for you by local bands; just stroll along the street. ☝🏼 By the way, for walking along this street, girls should wear shoes on a flat sole. Because it’s not very convenient to walk on pavement in heels.

One of the famous restaurants that is located on Скадарлија street is called “Two deer” (Dva Jelena). I did not talk about him in paragraph 2, because once in this restaurant they brought  for us not fresh food. 🤨

4. Visit bars and clubs on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers.

One of the most popular places among youth in Belgrade is the clubs that are located along the banks of the Danube and Sava. There are also ships – restaurants. 🤩

5. Visit The Nikola Tesla Museum.

For many years now there has been a dispute between Serbs and Croats on the topic: “Where does Nikola Tesla come from?” The Croats think that Tesla is from Croatia. Serbs think that he was from Serbia. Therefore in both countries they love and remember the great inventor.

Tesla is honored in the Serbian capital. The main airport of the city is named after Nikola Tesla. In the city itself is a museum dedicated to the inventions of Nikola. To my surprise, the museum turned out to be small. Its visit takes no more than 30 minutes. In the museum you can look at the elements of Tesla’s suit of those times, on a copy of his inventions. And also try to repeat the most famous experience of Tesla – to pass electricity through the body. 😅

6. Visit the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan.

Kalemegdan is a park that is located next to the Belgrade fortress in the old part of the city. Kalemegdan is the main attraction of the city and one of the oldest parks in Europe. 🤓

To date, the fortress and the park are a museum complex and are open to visitors. We did not go to the fortress museums, but we strolled through the park. The fortress is located on a hill and from its walls there is a beautiful panoramic view of the confluence of the two rivers of the Sava and the Danube. 😍

7. Visit the Church of Saint Sava.

The Church of St. Sava is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. The area of ​​the temple is almost 17,000 square meters. 👀 To date, the temple is under restoration. On the first floor you can admire only the pattern under the dome. But if you go down to the floor below, you will see another room, recently restored, beautifully painted with biblical drawings. 😍

As you can see, in Belgrade, if you want, you can have a great time. Therefore, if you have not already been to this city and do not know how to entertain yourself on the weekends – Belgrade can be a good option!

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