Beverly Hills, California. USA.

Beverly Hills, California. USA.

Beverly Hills I liked most of all of the cities that we had time to visit in Los Angeles. In Beverly Hills, it’s worth visiting at least for the sake of feeling an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. And of course, make an wonderful shopping in Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive is the famous street in Beverly Hills, on which are located boutiques of world-famous luxury brands such as Gucci, Tiffany, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Cartier, and others. Also on Rodeo Drive you will be able to eat and relax in one of the cafes or restaurants.

Before traveling to Los Angeles, when someone was talking about Beverly Hills, I first of all recalled the self-titled youth series “Beverly Hills 90210”, which had incredible success in the 90’s. But the fact that the film “Pretty Woman” was also filmed in this city, I learned only before I came there.

Now I associate Beverly Hills with luxury, wealth and the eternal feast of life. For example, Beverly Hills is the only city in the world that I visited, in which in 5 minutes of walking along the Rodeo Drive I saw so many Ferrari passing by, as I have not seen in my entire life.

Everyone knows that the rich have their quirks. Beverly Hills is one of the most successful places where you can see firsthand the original rich people. For example, it was in Beverly Hills that for the first time in my life I saw and learned that there are strollers for dogs. From a distance, they look like ordinary strollers for newborns. And only when I came up to one of the owners of such a stroller, I saw that inside is not a baby, but a dog. The owner of the dog was walking along the Rodeo Drive slowly, with an important look and a sense of her own superiority.

Upon arrival in Beverly Hills, I recommend that you go to one of the cafes on Rodeo Drive, order a cup of coffee or lunch there and just sit and watch what surrounds you. I give you a 100% guarantee that in five minutes you will feel like a hero of one of the American TV series about a beautiful life.

Have a look how the sellers of luxury boutiques watch passersby. It’s very funny to watch them.

Just walk along the streets, breathe the atmosphere of Beverly Hills. Be sure to get to the hotel Beverly Wilshire Hotel. In this hotel the movie “Pretty Woman” was made. Better yet, stop in it.

Of course in Beverly Hills there are different parks, gardens, galleries and other attractions, but people do not go there for that. And I understand them perfectly.

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