Braunau am Inn

Braunau am Inn.

Braunau am Inn, a small town in Upper Austria, which is only 60 km far from Salzburg and 120 km far from Munich.

The city is famous for the fact that Adolf Hitler was born in it. In front of that house is The Hitler birthplace memorial stone, a memorial to victims of the Nazis.


Mention about Braunau, you can find also in the novel of L.N. Tolstoy “War and Peace” (Chapter 2, Part 1, Book 1). Also, this city in the past was importance for the Europeans economics, because across Braunau passed the various trade routes.

The town lies on the border with Germany. I was always happy and interested to knowing the fact, that I can take a walk from Austria to Germany, was needed just cross the bridge.

мост до Германии

I can not say that Braunau, is a town where is good to spend a vacation. But this is the city, which is interesting to know about. And if one day you will go by car from Munich to Salzburg, you can always stop in Braunau, to drink a cup of coffee.

In the summer, there you can found a crowd of cyclists who make long cycling tour across Europe. They are happy to stop in the street cafes for lunch, and then make a pictures with a memorial stone in front of Hitler’s home.

But in general, Braunau, live his lives. People in the morning going to work, and in the evening returned to their homes. At noon and in the evening you can see a large number of people on the main square. These are the people who come for lunch or dinner.

By the way, beer for the Austrians, the same usual drink, like water for us. And for them it is absolutely normal during the lunch drink one glass of beer.

On Wednesday in the central square you can found the open market. Where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, baked goods, flowers, clothes and others. I was so interested for that event and tried never miss it. It was something magical, as if I was returning to the past and participated in one of the oldest events.

Austrians go to the open market by families. And is very characteristic for them, instead of bags, almost everyone has a wicker basket. It’s so cute. Children and adults buy the necessary products and then buy fresh sandwiches, met the friends and talked.

про рынок

Another fact that I like in Austrians – it is their love for the national costume. Even this day you can meet the locals who will be walking down the street dressed in national costumes. And at the same time will look very cute and harmoniously. I have always respected and admired to such patriotism.


By the way, when you see for the first time the Bavarian and Austrian traditional costumes you can think that they are the same, but if you will look detailed you will easily notice the difference.

Population in Braunau, mostly elderly, but if you want you can always meet the young. Elderly population mostly speaks German, he is also the official language in Austria. And the funny thing is that in this part of Austria and Germany easier to find someone who speaks Russian than English. So I had to learn a few of standard German phrases to be sure I can communicate with the natives. When it was really hard, I used pantomime.

In Braunau you can find several museums. You can also climb to the observation deck of the Church of St. Stephen, this fourth tallest church in Austria (87m), and enjoy a panorama of Braunau. Near the church is a museum that tells the history of the city and the region.

Braunau am Inn will always remain in my heart like a small, comfortable and rainy town in which live kind and friendly people.

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