bring back childhood to the children

Bring back childhood to the children.

Bring back childhood to the children! Take away from them the gadgets!

You have no right to deprive them of opportunities to learn to communicate with other children, making friends, playing “catch-up”, to read books, to understand facial expressions and moods of others.

I believe that the generation of children born before 1993 – this is the last generation that remembers what means the real friends, are not “on-line”, but in front of you.

I get scared when 4-year-olds child understand better than adult how he can use tablet; when a 2-year-old child as soon he see the iPhone, becomes in a pose for “selfi”; when in the restaurants at dinner, the amount of the iPad equivalent to the number of the children at the table.

Sorry, but our parents were able to manage us, they knew how to entertain, distract, instilled manners at the table and so on. And we kids of these  parents are not able to perform this feat?

Please tell me, who will grow out from the child if his best friend -the tablet? I remember our childhood was cool! When we has a dolls or cars, and we could go out into the yard to play with the other children, and now the children have iPad. We were going in large crowds to play ball or hide and seek. And the more it was the people, the more fun and provocatively was the game. And what now you propose to your children? “Talking cat”? What are the behavioral characteristics he will be able to develop in your child? How it will help him in the future to manifest itself in the team?

Thank you, psychologists will tell you within a few years in the future, when they will have a lot of patients with a diagnosis of “sociopath”! Maybe a society will not notice the change !?

Everything will just sit at home, alone, in front of their gadgets and interact with virtual people. Because to call them – “friends”, will be difficult.

How do today’s children should learn about such concepts as friendship? Learn to feel the other person? Learn what a shame, respect, love, support, empathy?

I do not mind all of these gadgets, I’m for that – to give sometimes. And to a certain age, child just don’t need it!

And how the first fight? First love?

Boys already modest by nature in general have forgotten how to talk to girls. They simply have nothing to say. They turn red, green, and hiding behind the screens of their smartphones.

It reminds me of people who are afraid to say anything in the face and run away away first, and only then begin to carry the offensive speech, but today the situation is even worse, they are not afraid – they do not know how to do! I mean, speak…

I do not claim that their childhood was similar to our own, it is simply not realistic. But we can teach them what we can do. Tell and show how cool sledding, chat with friends, to think, to dream, read, dance and sing. Make friends, fight with them and be a friend again. To be able to look a person in the eye and understand him without words, to understand facial expressions and moods. Enjoy nature and enjoy the sun’s rays, do not ignore them! Help them, spend time with them little more than you usually do it. Believe me, every child needs and native heart his cute mom and dad,  but not the cold and heartless gadget!

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