Burghausen is a small town in Germany. Very close to the border of Austria. It is small for my opinion, but by European standards is the largest town in the Altötting district of Oberbayern in Germany.

This town famous because inside of it you can find Burghausen Castle, is the longest castle in Europe (1,051 m).

I visited this place several times and all this times, I was fascinated by a view of the castle.

Castle rests along a ridgeline and located in the top of the town. So, you can see it already when you drive close to the town.


When you arrive in the town you can park your car on the main square (Stadtplatz) or in somewhere around and take a walk up to the castle. In the top you can climb through the beautiful narrow streets.

When you will finally arrived in the top, you can take a walk around. Visit some open part of the castle. In some of them you can touch the history, visit museum and make a pictures.

If you will be lucky and catch a good weather, you will have a chance to make nice pictures. Because from the top of the castle opening fantastic overview of the town.

When you will be tired you can go down and take a lunch or dinner in some of restaurant what you will see around.

After that, if you will still have power to walk I suggest you to take a walk in the town. You can find more museums or just enjoy by walk.

Burghausen divided in two part: “old” and “new” town. In the old part located all historical monuments. And in the new part probably you can find something modern. But I never have been there, only passed by.

I don’t think that Burghausen is a town where you can make a vacation. But is surely the town which you have to visit if you are in somewhere around. For example, from Munich is just 115 km far or from Salzburg 55 km far.

I wish you a nice travelling time and hope one day you will share with me your experience about time in Burghausen.

If you have any question or would like to know more about this town, write me a question and I will happy to help you!

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