Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Our new trip on the Caddo Lake can even be called amusing. The lake remained as beautiful as a couple of years ago, but the only thing that bothered me this time, was the presence of alligators in it. I do not know if they were there on our first visit, or they were transported there by someone until we arrived again, but now it’s a fact. On the Caddo Lake live alligators.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com1

Before going on a trip on the Caddo Lake, I decided to go to visit the web-page of the administration of the park, to see the hours of work. And to my great surprise on the first page of the site, I found a message that alligators are living in the park, and that before visiting it is worth familiarizing yourself with the safety tips.

I even thought at first it was a joke, but decided to look at the instructions after all.

After reading the instructions, say that I was surprised, do not say anything. Because, frankly, I was hoping to see in it tips from the series:

– If you see an alligator – run;

– Well, or vice versa, if you see an alligator, then freeze and do not move. Then he will think that you are a tree and will not pay attention to you.

Yes, there are such rules in the instruction. For example, one of them says that: “Keep 30 feet away from alligators at all times. If you get too close, back away slowly. …”

But the first rule of the park says that: “When you visit the park, you are a guest in this wild habitat. Treat all wildlife with respect. Feeding, harassing, injuring or removing wildlife, including alligators, is against the law.”

I do not know about the rest, but I do not have the desire to feed an alligator at all, or to chase after him. The only desire that I can have, is to run! Running quickly and do not turn around. :)

In general, after reading the alligator safety tips, I had no desire to go to this park at all. But still, after half an hour of debate with my brave man, we was decided to go to the Caddo Lake, despite the fact that alligators live in it now.

As you can understand, this time the idea of ​​a romantic canoe rowing has disappeared by itself. Despite the fact that during a canoe trip you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sequoias opens, and you can swim between them.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com2

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com3

To be honest, it was very scary even to walk in the park. Near the lake, I constantly turned around and waited for the alligator to creep out from somewhere.

Nevertheless, I can say that the rest of the park visitors were not at all embarrassed by the neighbourhood with the alligators. Some of them quietly had fun on the shore of the lake, having arranged a barbecue there. Others rode on their motor boats. Others took a canoe for hire and fished from it near the shore.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com4

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com5



Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com8

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA. www.ellinaraisovna.com9

We strolled along the coast, made a series of photos about the beautiful nature of the park and went home.


Therefore, if you are brave and not afraid of alligators, then I recommend to you the Caddo Lake as an excellent place for Sunday rest, or for the weekend.

Have you ever been to the Caddo Lake? Did you like it?

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