Caddo Lake, Texas – Louisiana, United States.

About the Caddo Lake, which is located on the borders of the State of Texas and Louisiana, we learned from the friends. Caddo Lake Is located just 32 miles from Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a state park.

According to history, this lake is named for the Indian tribe named Caddo, that lived in the lake until they were expelled from there in the 19th century. One of the notable features of the Caddo Lake is are flooded cypress forests. They create a romantic atmosphere and attract tourists to this lake.

But in order to truly enjoy the beauty of the forest, you need to go to Caddo Lake in the right season. In the park you can rent canoes and arrange a romantic boating on the lake between the cypresses.

We were on the lake in May, but in this time of year is still cool and cypress trees do not look so attractive, such as in June. In this month, you really enjoy boating on the lake.

Do not forget to bring a slippers or special shoes, in which you will be able to walk on water. Because to take a trip on the canoe, you will need to go into the water around the knee. The water near the shore is not very clean, and in the lake too.

The administration of the park will offer you a number of services that can be nice for the different segments of the population.

For example, on Caddo Lake, you can:

  •  take a walk on the special hiking trails and get some fresh air;
  •  rent one of the houses, and live in the forest couple of days;
  • go to Caddo Lake in the camp;
  • go there with your boat and make a tour on it;
  •  fishing in a special place;
  •  rent a canoe or bring your own canoe and take a romantic boating around the lake;
  • and, you can go to this park just for a picnic.

In general, as you see, on  Caddo Lake you will not bored.

Boating in a canoe on Caddo Lake, I felt like the Ariel from the cartoon. It is true such an unforgettable experience. Especially if the company with you, strong and fearless man, who will row most of the time and save from unforeseen situations. For example, when you will almost fell down in the water from the canoe.

Thank you, my hero! Without you I would just fell down from the canoe and was not able to row even 5 meters from the coast.

Caddo Lake in May.





Caddo Lake in June.











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