Cappadocia, Turkey.

Cappadocia. Have you ever fly in a balloon? Have you ever seen a hilly area created by nature, by breaking and weathering of volcanic rocks? Have you ever meet a sunrise and admire hundreds of balloons at the same time goes to the skies?

About this and many other things I will tell you in this article. So, I introduce you an amazing area, which is located on the territory of modern Turkey – Cappadocia!

Cappadocia is the area in the east of Asia Minor. The history of this area goes back to the ancient times. Time to time the borders of Cappadocia have changed, and today under Cappadocia like a region, usually understood its central historical part.

A feature of Cappadocia is its geology. I do not know what words to use to describe this place, so I suggest you look at the photos.



The first time I visited Cappadocia this summer, and the second time this summer also, a couple of weeks later. What caused such frequency? That visit this place once, you will want to go back there again. Plus, flight on the balloon leaves a lasting impression that you will wish to repeat!

And now in order.

When to go to Cappadocia?

In my opinion, the best time in July or August, but I know that many people will disagree with me. Maybe I just got lucky, and during my visit was a comfortable temperature for walking. But most of all I was interested for the weather to fly in a balloon. For example, in July and August you need to put just a warm jacket and you will feel comfortable during the flight. But in November, you should dress much better. And your hands will be freezing during the taking the pictures in the flight. And you will want to shoot a lot and for a long time.



Balloon flight, can only be compared with the flight in a balloon. So amazing and interesting to watch as a basket in which you are slowly rises up and takes you high above the ground. And at that time it is coming the sunrise. And you go up into the sky with the sun. An unforgettable experience!






Incidentally, the time at which the flight begins depends on the sunrise. This means that on different days, you will fly at different times. For example, in those days, when I flew, the sun rose at 5 am. For such reason, the company pick up us at 4.30 am from the hotel and we drove for breakfast and then in the area in which company employees have prepared for take-off balls and filled them with hot air.

To go in Cappadocia and did not fly a balloon, it’s like to fly to Rome and don’t visit the Colosseum. Although, it is everyone’s business, because flying in a balloon for someone scary. I strongly recommend do not read the different horror stories about accidents with balloons, never.




What I understood in Cappadocia you can flight with the hundreds of different companies. We did not go far and used the services of the company that were recommend by the hotel. And by the way, do not regret it. Company Butterfly Balloons a ride us twice over the expanses of Cappadocia. And more precisely, over the expanse of Göreme National Park.

Service at Butterfly Balloons good, but … I wanted to fly around and look at the hotels are in close proximity. As flew all the other balloons, but we are somehow just flew up. But that is depends of the wish to everyone. If you want to fly high, this company – a great choice. If you want to fly low and look in the window of your hotel room, I advise you to choose any other company.

It is important to know that from the hot air balloon pilot little depends. Because the direction of movement of the balloon is given by the direction of the wind. The only thing that can control the pilot, it’s altitude.

Another interesting point is the landing. Before the flight, we were instructed what positions should take and how to stand during the landing. The task of the driver, put a balloon on the trailer of a moving car! It’s amazing how they succeed.





Baskets of balloons come in several size: 2 places, 8 places, 12 places, 16 places. Each basket is divided into 5 sectors. In the central sector are the gas cylinders and the pilot. And in the other 4 on the edges are located the passengers. And here already all depends on how many seats designed basket. If at 16, in each of the four sectors will be located the 4 person, at 12, 3 person in each sector, well, etc. 2 places baskets are designed for «privat» flights. Naturally, depending on the number of people in the basket, changes the price of the flight. The more people, the more cheaper the flight.

By the way, during the second flight with Butterfly Balloons they have planted in the 12 places basket of 16 people! Ah ah ah! How you can understand for how many places designed the basket? When the pilot will explain the rules and will show that the need to hold on to the handrails in the landing time, pay attention for how many pairs of hands are the handrails.

But the obvious advantages of flying with Butterfly Balloons is a one of the pilots Mustafa Gunal, which in addition to an unforgettable flight gave us more incredible photos during the flight! Thank you, Mustafa!



After landing, you will be offered to assist employees to let the air go out from the balloon. And then they will offer to you fruit and champagne, and will give you the certificates. And after all they will drive you back in the hotel.




In Cappadocia, you can find hundreds of hotels to suit different tastes and budgets. We, lovers of relaxation and comfort, staying at Sultan Cave Suites, which is located in Göreme.

Generally, in the territory of Cappadocia is located a several cities, and you can stay in any of them. But the most popular are Goreme and Urgup. Because these two cities are in close proximity to all major attractions of Cappadocia.

Let’s go back to the hotel.

Our choice fell on this hotel for several reasons. First they have in some of the rooms, incredibly beautiful terraces with a wonderful view of Goreme. And it was just great to sit on the balcony in the evening and chat about everything. So romantic!




In addition, practically on the territory of this hotel is located, in my opinion, the best and most delicious restaurant in Cappadocia Seten Restaurant, which prepare an incredibly tasty Turkish food, Anatolia region. Many of the dishes presented in the menu of the restaurant you can taste only in this region of Turkey.

And of course the geolocation. This hotel is in close proximity to the main street, where bars and restaurants are located. Therefore, if you want to take a walk after dinner, you can easily do it. Also on this street are the offices of the various tourist companies that offer to show you Cappadocia.

What to see?

In my opinion in Cappadocia, everywhere you look, everywhere a historical place. But there are some famous places, which you should definitely include in your list. Well, in the end, you can just take the car and ride around the neighbourhood. Take my word, you will find many interesting places and make many beautiful pictures.

  • Goreme Open Air Museum.







  •  Rose Valley.




  • Uchisar Castle.







  • Fairy chimneys.





  • Sunset Point.



  • And other beautiful places in Cappadocia, whose names I do not know.







P.S. Another one of the main attractions of Cappadocia is the underground cities, which are on the territory of this region. I have not visited any of them. In fact, reviews of these cities I’ve heard different. Someone said it was a waste of time and nothing interesting is not there, and someone on the contrary claimed that these cities are among the most interesting places in Cappadocia. So, to visit them or not, you decide.

Good luck to you and see you soon!

Your, Ellina Raisovna!



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