Český Krumlov.

One rainy day in Austria, I decided to search in Internet a city that I can visit at the weekend and luckily I found Český Krumlov. Having read that in that city I can see the second largest castle in the Czech Republic, I became interested and decided to visit it.

Getting up early on Sunday, I went on a journey. The weather was sunny and the highway in Europe very comfortable. So, I expected my little trip successful.

Arrived in the Czech Republic, I thought that I arrived in a fairytale. Even now, I often think about that magic part of the road, along which on the left side you can see the river and on the right side there was a hill with green trees. The crowns of that tree was bent to the road and gave the feeling that you drive inside tunnel.

Drive through of small village, I came to Český Krumlov. The historic center of the city, is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the rest of the city it is separated by the river Vltava. To get into the city center possible only if you leave the car in the parking and after take a walk.

Coming out of the car, the first thing what I saw, was the Český Krumlov Castle, which has a interesting history. Being built around the 14th century he was rebuilt several times, because of change of government. Český Krumlov Castle was under control of the Austrian Empire, of Czechoslovakia and even of Germany. As a result, each country has change something in the architecture of the building. Today, the prevailing architectural styles of the castle are Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. You can see change from inside and outside of the castle. Just take a look, it looks that someone has merged three completely different building.


The castle is located on a hill. So, to get in it, you need to use the stairs, which is close to one of the walls of the castle. Arrived upstairs I wanted to walk through the territory of the castle, enjoy its beauty and touch the history.

Taking a walk through the castle, I saw a little window in the wall, through which I was seeing fantastic views on the fabulous Český Krumlov.

After a walk through the castle, I went to the bridge that crosses the Vltava river, and led to the historic city center. I do not think that my words and photos would be enough to show and explain the beauty of what I saw. Narrow streets, old buildings, cobblestone, souvenir shops, the people, all together gave the impression of a fairytale. I wanted to stay forever in this beautiful place. Even autumn colors add charm to already wonderful Český Krumlov.

After walk in the city, I decided to have a lunch in one of the local restaurants, which can be found at every turn. And after lunch, I went home. I was sad to leave this fabulous city, but…

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  • Beppe


    i went there in the same day but unlikely i didn’t meet you around the city … :)


    • ellina raisovna


      So sad for that! Hope to see you next time!


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