Colleen McCullough, Bittersweet.

Book “Bittersweet” is the last book written by Australian writer Colleen McCullough. She was died in early 2015. Colleen McCullough is famous to the world by the book “The Thorn Birds” written in 1977. With this book has grown more than one generation of young people and it is still interesting to read. I have already mentioned about this book on the pages of my blog, you can read more detail here: The Thorn Birds.

Honestly, when I heard that Colleen McCullough wrote a new family saga “Bittersweet” and its possible to buy in bookstores, I was delighted and immediately bought it. Reading the “Bittersweet” I’m was a little disappointed, because I expected something similar to “The Thorn Birds”. I’m not talking about the storyline, I’m talking about the wealth of content, about lavish descriptions of nature and people, but unfortunately, during the reading of “Bittersweet” I had the feeling of something unsaid. All the time was not enough only couple of strings, with descriptions of characters, nature, characters.

But this book is very interesting and full of historical events. The story takes place during the Great Depression in the United States, which is touched all world including Australia. In the book “Bittersweet” Colleen McCullough tells the life story of two pairs of twin step sisters: Edda and Grace, Kitty and Tufts Latimer. The girls were the children of the pastor, after graduation, they went into medicine to become sisters of mercy. From here begins the journey of each of sisters into adulthood.

Colleen McCullough pays special attention to the fact that in those days women did not have special rights and opportunities. And by the example of the four sisters shows through what had to go each of them to take their place under the sun.

If you are going in vacation, bring a book, Colleen McCullough «Bittersweet» you will enjoy reading, trust me…

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