The thorn birds

Colleen McCullough, The Thorn Birds

Colleen McCullough, The Thorn Birds – a delightful saga of three generations of Australian family Cleary. The author begins the story in 1915 and ends by about the year 1969. Therefore, reading “The Thorn Birds” you will be able to fully experience the changes of heroes and Australia, for half a century.

Family Cleary – poor, the large Australian family. Colleen McCullough describes in great detail the difficulties faced by the heroes of the novel. The fact that the priority were for the sons and daughters were considered  like a burden. About heavy daily female labor. About that the father and sons from an early age, must to work hard. About the natural and weather conditions.

The book itself is divided into seven parts, in each of which Colleen McCullough describes the nature of the main characters and their fates in different time intervals.

One of the most interesting stories in “The Thorn Birds” is a forbidden love between Maggie only daughter – Cleary and priest Ralph. Oh, how many tears were shed by women all over the world, when they have experienced along with the characters all the vicissitudes of life.

The novel “The Thorn Birds” has been translated into more than twenty languages, and brought worldwide recognition and fame to Colleen McCullough. Published for the first time in April 1977, he continues to win the hearts of millions of readers.

The book can be interesting for the romantic persons, kind-hearted people, those who love to read classics. And those who like to spend their evenings with a book in the hands and a cup of warm tea.

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