Cologne (Köln), Germany.

Living in the city of Düsseldorf, I very often went to Cologne, usually for inspiration. This happened for the reason, because in Cologne there is a large community of creative people that you can meet while strolling along the streets. Both of these cities are beautiful, but only in Cologne I could relax, rest and be inspired.

Perhaps this is the main difference between Cologne and Dusseldorf. Düsseldorf lives its typical German measured life “by clocks”, and in Cologne there is always a place and time for creativity. I do not know how to convey this in words, but visiting both cities you will necessarily feel in them different energies.

Local residents told me that between Cologne and Dusseldorf for many years there has been an unspoken competition, on the topic: which city is better? As for me, then in my opinion Dusseldorf is a great city for life, and in Cologne is a great place for inspiration.

Attractions of Cologne.

1. Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom).

The most important and world-famous landmark of the city is the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). It is the highest cathedral in Europe. The height of its towers reaches 157 meters. And of course, this cathedral is the main symbol of the city. You can never go to the city of Cologne, but you saw the photo of the Cathedral from childhood, even in many history books.

If you want to not just look at the Сathedral, but also get acquainted with its history, then I recommend you to purchase the Cologne Cathedral Tour.



Admire the cathedral from the inside and outside you can absolutely free. But in order to climb onto one of the towers of the cathedral and admire the city of Cologne from a height, you will need to pay the entrance and overcome the rise in 509 steps. To be honest it’s not simple. Fortunately, the climb up is divided into several stages, so you can stop periodically, admire the intermediate views and relax. For example, at one of the stages of the ascent, you will have an opportunity to see one of the eleven bells of the cathedral.








Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com13

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com14

And when you make your way to the top, you will be generously rewarded with a view of the city that opens before you. I believe that for this view of the city it is worth going upstairs.

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com10

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com11

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com12

2. The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum).

I, as a lover of chocolate, simply could not miss visiting the chocolate museum. But initially I was tormented by doubts, I thought that this fun is more suitable for children than adults, and sincerely wondered at the stories of the friends of mine about how they visited this museum several times.

But fortunately, one Sunday morning, I decided to go to the Chocolate Museum to personally find out what is so unusual about it. Well, I will be honest, the most important thing that attracted me to this museum is that since 2006 it has a small branch of the Lindt chocolate factory. 😍 Lindt is a world-famous Swiss confectionery company, and one of my favourite chocolate brands. Therefore, as you understand, I just could not miss visiting this museum. 😋😇

In «Schokoladenmuseum» you can get acquainted with the geography of extraction of chocolate beans; see how chocolate was produced several hundred years ago; you can look at the forms for making chocolate, which were used in the old days. And of course you can watch the process of making chocolate.

But the most interesting and tasty, in my opinion, is waiting for you in the part of the museum in which the Lindt factory is located. You will be able to see for yourself the whole process of making chocolate, from processing coffee beans to finished chocolate products in a package. And the kind staff of the museum will give you to try the divine tasty fresh chocolate.

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com15

Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com16


Cologne (Köln), Germany. www.ellinaraisovna.com18

If you go up in this part of the museum to the second floor, you’ll find a small store there. In this store you can order the production of chocolate bars, according to your personal prescription. You will choose the color, shape and filling for your chocolate.

And on the first floor of the museum there is a store in which you can buy a variety of chocolate products. And there is also a cafe in which you can taste delicious fresh chocolate cakes, etc.

In general, if suddenly, after my story about this place, you not wanted to visit this museum, then go there at least in order to enjoy fresh cakes and admire the view of the River Rhine.

Of course the city of Cologne has to many other museums, but the above listed were the most memorable for me. 😃

3. Shopping in Cologne. 😍

Arriving in Cologne, do not forget to please yourself with shopping. There it is not difficult to find streets on which boutiques of many world famous brands are located. If you are standing facing Kölner Dom, then all you need to do is turn right and choose any of the streets, each of them has a number of boutiques and shops.



By the way, in Cologne you can find some brands that are not available in Düsseldorf, for example Vilebrequin.

4. Beer.

Many people are associated Germany with beer and sausages. About the sausages, I’m not sure, but I know for sure that there are breweries in the city of Cologne (according to some sources there are 24 of them) who cook Kolsch beer. This kind of beer you can try only in the city of Cologne. Therefore, if you are in Cologne, then do not forget to visit at least one of its breweries.




5. Walks around the city.

I really hope that you like to walk, because I want to recommend you to walk around Cologne. Naturally, following the safety rules. Many of the city’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, and if you are suddenly tired, you can always relax and refresh yourself in one of the restaurants or cafes of the city, which are at every turn.

Walking around the city, pay attention to its architecture, people, transport, nature. In general, anything that will attract your attention. Enjoy Cologne, feel its atmosphere. Go to the coffee shops, which perhaps you would have bypassed or even not noticed, if you moved around the city on transport. And of course do not forget that walking is very good for healthy.








In Cologne there’re a large number of museums. In all of them you need to pay for the entrance. If you want to visit all of them, then I recommend you to purchase Cologne Card. This card will help you to save from 20% to 50% of the ticket price.

That’s all, thank you for your attention. Share your impressions and thoughts about what you read in the comments. Btw, I was there a year ago, so if something suddenly has changed there, please write about it in the comments.

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