Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Dallas and Fort Worth, it is two US cities that are located in the state of Texas. I combined Dallas and Fort Worth in one article because, firstly, they are located in the same agglomeration, and secondly, in spite of its major financial meaning for the United States, they are not very attractive for the tourists.

I believe that if you are going in Dallas for business, you will find many great opportunities, but if you will go to Dallas or Fort Worth like me, as a tourist, you will see that you can spend there  the weekend, make a shopping, visit local restaurants, but for sure you will not go there for vacation.

Dallas and Fort Worth are about 55 km apart, but leave completely different impression from the visit. In my opinion, the city of Fort Worth is much more interesting for tourists than Dallas. Because in Fort Worth you have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the “wild west”, that you have seen many times in old American movies. Dallas, is the city for business, parties and shopping.

I’ll tell you in order.







In Dallas located several museums, concert halls, a zoo, parks, etc.

For example, I was interesting to look at the John F. Kennedy Museum (The Sixth Floor Museum / Texas School Book Depository). According to the story told in the museum, from the building of the museum Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. Most of the exhibits are various photographs, newspaper clippings, videos, which show the various comments of people about the incident. Also, at the Museum The Sixth Floor Museum you will be able to see photos and videos of the last event of the day John Kennedy’s life. And of course, you will have a chance to see the room and take a look from the window, from which the offender shot.

After visiting the museum, you can go out and walk to the road. On the road you will find the mark, which is showing the exact place of the position of the car at the time of the murder.

After that, if you go further just 300 meters, you can see a memorial to Kennedy (John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza), which is built on the donations of the residents of Dallas, in memory of the 35th US president.

The next interesting item to visit in Dallas, is a huge sculpture called “Pioneer Plaza”. This sculptural group is a bronze sculptures of three mushers and seventy bulls. The sculptural group “Pioneer Plaza” so naturally and realistically join in the park landscape, it seems that the bulls and cowboys are real. By the way, this group of sculptures is one of the largest in the world.







If you are a lover of classical music and cultural activities, then I recommend you to visit the concert hall Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Unfortunately, I personally was not there, but my friends visited it and were absolutely delighted.

Another famous landmark in Dallas is the Reunion Tower. This tower is part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The Reunion Tower has an observation deck, which offers a stunning view of the city and one of the nice restaurant. We stayed in this hotel, so one evening we decided to go for a supper in the tower, and were surprised to learn that the table in this restaurant, is necessary to reserve a month in advance.

Shopping. Dallas is a great place for shopping, in this city you can find almost all world famous brands.

If you like Luxury Shopping, be sure to visit NorthPark Center and Galleria Dallas.

If you just love make a shopping and want to buy clothes of American brands, then I recommend you to visit the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, which is located on the highway between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Also, The Parks at Arlington, it’s a big mall, located in the city of Arlington. Arlington is one of the city which is located between Dallas and Fort Worth.

In Arlington is located the famous in USA AT&T Stadium. AT&T Stadium is the third largest stadium in the NFL. It serves as the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

We were lucky enough to visit once this stadium and see the game Dallas Cowbys versus New England Patriots. Frankly, the stadium is really impressive for its size and equipment.



P.S. I was in Dallas many times, but 90% of my visits were on a cloudy day, so all the photos turned gloomy.

Fort Worth.

As I said, the city of Fort Worth I personally like more than Dallas. And there are several reasons for that. First of all in this city is the “life” in the downtown. I have already told in the article “”Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!” by the Austrian and American”, that American cities are very different from the European. In American cities, in the city center, usually located offices and banks, so it is very difficult to find people walking on the street during the day. But in Fort Worth you have such an opportunity.

And secondly, in Fort Worth, you can feel the atmosphere of the wild west, about which many times you have read or seen in the Western movies.




The Fort Worth, too, has a number of museums that you can visit, but the most interesting places in this city, in my opinion are the downtown and very famous street called Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.

In the city center you can walk through the streets, admire the buildings, squares, eat at one of the local restaurants.










And then you can go to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. It’s located outside the center, I would even say one of the outskirts of the city. And it is this street attracts the most tourists, because in it you can experience the atmosphere of the Wild West. See the bulls, try to sit on one of them (of course on the simulator), to see the horses, visit the local shops where you can buy a real cowboy hat, cowboy boots and belt.





Personally, I love the Texans for their style of dress. I admire the fact that they have maintained their culture and style. Very nice to see couples walking on the streets and dressed in western style. And you should have seen how the Texans dance their traditional dances in some rodeo bar!

If you have been to Dallas or Fort Worth, share your impressions in the comments. What do you like it there? What you have visited?

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  • Katy Mayeaux


    Hi Ellina – I’ve been to Dallas and Ft. Worth several times. It’s a shame that all your visits to Dallas were in rainy weather, because there are enjoyable parks and other places in the city for pedestrians. But I do agree with you that Ft. Worth is more interesting and cultural.


    • ellina raisovna


      Hi Katy! Yes, I knew about the parks. Once we even try to go in the Botanical Garden, but… we don’t reach out destination.)))


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