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Dan Brown, Angels and Demons.

While reading the book “Angels and Demons” you will have a fascinating journey through Rome and the secret places of the Vatican. The main character, American professor Langdon, will have to deal with the strange symbolism left on the corpses of the murdered people, by the secret and ancient community of the Illuminati.

From CERN, was stolen a container with antimatter. The substance stored in the container is extremely dangerous for the life of the people. Moreover, if the container will not returned to its usual environment, then the antimatter will explode. At the same time, there was the murder of the Pope, and the Vatican faces the difficult task of choosing a new Pope. But the problem is that the main candidates for the post of head of the Catholic Church were abducted, killed, and their mutilated bodies were left in different places in Rome.

These and other riddles, will face the professor of religious symbols from Harvard University. To help Professor Langdon comes the adopted daughter of the killed Professor CERN named Vittoria.

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I already acquainted you with the work of Dan Brown, when I wrote about his books “The Da Vinci Code” and “Inferno”. The book “Angels and Demons” is the first book, and was written before the book “The Da Vinci Code», but the recognition of the public was received a few years later, after the triumph of “The Da Vinci Code».

Dan Brown’s books are interesting because he reveals in them various secrets, which nobody in the ordinary life thinks about. And also, in the books of Dan Brown you can always find a description of the world-famous art objects from another point of view.

For example, in the book “Angels and Demons” mentions several world-famous monuments of architecture, located in Rome. Some of them I saw with my own eyes, but before reading this book, I could not even imagine what secrets they kept in themselves. Yes, I admired their greatness, but now, knowing their history, I want to return and see them again.

Dan Brown helps the reader make their travel even more interesting and exciting. For example, you can read one of his books, and go on a trip to the places listed in the book. Then every statue and picture you see will have a completely different meaning for you.

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