David Sherick, collector cars.

My name is David Sherick.  I am 71 years old.

I was born in the UK but has lived 14 years in Switzerland, it was the post-war period. Living in Switzerland I had to learn the order of 8 languages, because people around me were talking in different languages, and if I wanted to go to school and have friends, I have to able to speak in all languages, it was not easy.

The only language that was unfamiliar to me was English. In the future, this has created a comic-tragic situation. Returning home to my parents, I could not talk to them because they did not understand anything other than English, and I understood everything, except their mother tongue. But then I learned English as well.

After school I went to study in the medical, then I started to write manuals and brochures, then I worked in the police.

When I was 33 I moved to Hong Kong for work. In 1979, I got married. In 1999, I went for the first time retired, came to live in Malaysia, lived here for two years and then came back to England. I was asked to re-enter the job, so I worked for another 9 years. As a result, in my retirement, I went 4 times. In 2008 I finally moved to Malaysia.

For all those who have moved to live in this country there is a question: what to do, especially if you are retired. Play golf, or find something more interesting.

I try to play golf, but I did not like it. All my life I have dreamed of an old classic car. That’s 6 years ago I started to collect them. The first car I bought was 1954 Vauxhall Wyvern, the second – Bentley «R Type» 1955 third MG TF 1954, then Rolls Royce 1975 and Mercedes. So, I had 6 old classic cars.

Of course, we still have 2 normal cars for me and for my wife. Every day I try to drive them all. In the morning I walk with the dog, they sit in the back seat MG, dangle feet and enjoy, they like to ride with me. In addition to the MG, dogs like to ride a Rolls Royce.

At the moment, I am waiting for replenishment of my collection Triumph Stag 1972. The machine is now in Kuala Lumpur is in the process of customs clearance, but I hope that in 2 weeks I can go by it.

If we talk about the history, the first car I bought to try. Have a look about sensations of driving a classic car. I like it. I was happy, but the car was in poor condition and is constantly in needed of repair, I decided to sell it and thinking what I really want.

When you decide to collect the car, it is important to decide on the country of the manufacturer, whether England, America, France, whatever.

And since I’m a native of United Kingdom, I decided to collect native machine. An important factor was also the price of the car. I wanted to have something so dear to the people around say, “WOW!”. So I got a Bentley. This classic car that can afford only the wealthy people. It is large, spacious, comfortable. When I drive, I have a feeling of delight from the fact that I drive luxury class, it is prestigious and very cool!

MG I bought it because I wanted to have a sport car, little car, which I can ride every day, and especially not to worry.

The first three cars have been released about the same time in 1954-1955. But when came time for the next car, I decided to get something younger. Like a true Englishman, I always dreamed of a Rolls Royce, this was the limit of my desires in the collection. Because the presence of Rolls Royce car in garage says about prestige and luxury, that you are rich. My father worked at the car wash and used to say that when I grow up and buy myself this machine, he will wash her. So the desire to have this car has always been inside of me, it was something cherished and natural. To buy it, I even invented his funny cause. It consists in the following: knowing that I have a Bentley, locals started to ask it to rent for wedding ceremonies. And when these people became accumulated a lot, I decided that Rolls Royce is also very big and roomy car and she may also like newlyweds. So, I can lease also it. Moreover, I always felt uncomfortable when someone take leased Bentley, because I wanted her to drive. So I decided that if I have two big car, I can rent one periodically, and the second drive by myself.

But I do not want to buy an ordinary Rolls Royce, I wanted it to be a convertible. Because the weather in Malaysia wonderful, always sunny, and the prospect of sitting in a closed cabin did not attract me at all. Moreover, the machine is convertible was something unusual.

If we look at my car in terms of typicality, I can say with certainty: each of them original. For example, Bentley – only one for the rest of Malaysia and Singapore, MG – I know just 10-12, Rolls Royce – 3.

Generally, MG I bought for my wife. I wanted to when we go to any event she had her car and all of us enjoyed the driving. But it was a bad idea because the car was in bad condition and I had to fix it frequently. So I bought for my wife a normal modern car.

When choosing a car it is important for me to be comfortable to sit behind the wheel to the car was a convertible top, because me and my dogs very much like to ride in such a way, but my wife, for instance, constantly drives with a closed roof.

Collect British cars I made an exception when I bought Mercedes. It involves an interesting story. Arriving in England last year, I wanted to buy a Jaguar, but he was in a poor state, then I saw the Mercedes he was excellent, and I said, “Yes! We buy it! “. After driving it along England and Scotland, I had a great time.

Today I have no desire to replenish the collection, because I believe that my is excellent. Each of my machine – is history. And it is impossible to convey the feeling, it can only be felt. When I sit down behind the wheel and see that I’m drive a machine, which 40-60 years old; car that many have never even seen in the life; a car that is old, but it is need just to press the pedal car and it goes without any problems. In my collection I am had already all sizes: small, medium, large.

What I can wish more?

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  • Ivan & Judith Sherick


    Greetings from your American cousins! Just found this website. You look wonderful. to catch you up, one of Cynthia’s daughters is getting married in August. Her name is Leah. We want to keep you informed of family events. We would like to send you an invitation. Best.

    Judie & Ivan


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