Five opportunity, that are opened while traveling.

I always wanted to travel, but had never thought about it before, how valuable and profound it may be that experience. I can even more to say to you, I knew about some of the opportunity, but could not imagine how much they would be weighty in practice. All that I have listed below, is more suitable for those travellers who have the opportunity to live in a particular country at least a couple of months. Because if you come to one country to relax and admire its architecture, you will enjoy it, but to understand their lifestyle or make friends with local you will not be able.


1. Number one is the opportunity to see things that are no longer excite locals. I have seen many times how people living in one city, no longer notice its dignity and beauty. And that’s okay, because if you were born and grow up in one city, then all that surrounds you become normal for you. And instead to see it as something wonderful and special, you see it as the norm. What means the Colosseum to the Romans? Yes, they know that this is one of the greatest historic monuments, but they see it every day, so there is nothing surprising in this building for them. But for tourists, this is one of the symbols of Rome, this landmark in the category: “must see”.

But, for example, about the Coliseum is understandable, because it is one of the most important objects around the world. But there is in Rome some streets, statues, that delight tourists, but remain absolutely unnoticed by the natives. Or take for example, the city of Braunau am Inn in Austria. In this case, we should start with the fact that few people know in general about the existence of this city, not to mention the fact, to go there and admire its beauty.

But tourists can. Because arriving in a new place, they are open to all, they are willing to try new dishes, look for old buildings, historical places. I am capable in a small European town find many advantages, that any of its locals will surprised just to hear about them. It is only because the eyes of the tourist opened more, than eyes of natives.

2. The second option is to meet with the different interesting people. If you are a traveler, then you are much easier to make acquaintance with the locals, different backgrounds and ages. It is because you are a stranger to them, you are attractive and interesting. Especially in the small cities, where you can see the tourists very rare.

People show interest, invited me to the home, introduced to friends and relatives. They want to also show you their country or city. With me many times there was situations where the locals invited me to their home for dinner or organized excursions to their hometown. And each tried to show their home with the best hand. Because of this I was able to learn each country closer to the inside. And I am grateful to each such kind and open man. Thank you, very much!

3. Another opportunity it is to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of a new country. See what holidays they celebrate, how do they do that.

So for example, in America, I learned what means real Halloween. And I even have the impression that Halloween for them is much more important than Christmas. I can not speak for all of America, but here in Shreveport, USA was so. If you saw how rich and interesting, they decorate the house for Halloween and how easy it is decorated for Christmas, you would agree with me. For example, in Russia, Halloween this is only an excuse to make the costume party, commercial move. And then, on this feast there began to pay attention only recently.

But, for example, in Europe, the most important holiday is Christmas. At that time, European cities are transformed into the city from a fairy tale. And seeing it all I start to believe in miracles. Unfortunately, modern European youth underestimates the charm of this celebration, and this tradition is gradually losing its weight.

In Turkey, the first time in my life I saw how do they celebrate a major Muslim holidays. This celebrations are so important to the local population, that these days are declared official holidays and the whole country is celebrating and resting. Many people go to the parents, to celebrate the holiday with the whole family.

In Malaysia, I saw that the Malays in general love to celebrate all the holidays. Malaysia is a multiethnic country, and it is home to Malays, Chinese, Indians and others nations. The most important thing to understand which celebration refers to the which nationality. In Malaysia, they have even festivals of various fruits. So I concluded that the Malays just gay guys who love to enjoy life and celebrate all kinds of celebrations.

In Russia, for example, one of the most important family holidays is the New Year. This celebration is associated with the winter fairy tale and magic. Although recently the Russians have lost the tradition of the celebration of this day, because like as in Europe, young people prefer to celebrate the holiday with friends, or even in another country, warm country.

4. Another important advantage is the opportunity to see the life style of different countries. But for this is not enough to come to another country only for 10 days. It is important to stay there, at least a month or two. Then you will see how they live, you will get acquainted with the local people, willlearn about what they dream, what problems they care about, how they relate to different things and events, what they do from morning till night. What are the priorities in the lives of these people.

5. The ability to get acquainted with the cuisine of other countries and to learn recipes of favorite dishes.

This item is one of my favorites. I as an amateur to eat and try new things. I getting an incredible pleasure while traveling. And if for any reason, I’m in the country, where I don’t like the local cuisine I cook myself at home, those dishes that will fall exactly to my liking.

And what opportunity do you value most, during your travels?

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