The mountain shadow

Gregory David Roberts, The Mountain Shadow.

The book “The Mountain Shadow” written by Gregory David Roberts, is a worthy sequel of the sensational bestseller “Shantaram”.

The novel “The Mountain Shadow”, was published in January 2015 and was doomed to success. Millions of people who read “Shantaram” was looking forward to read the sequel of an exciting story about the life of the main character Lin (Linbaba).

In the book, “The Mountain Shadow” readers will meet with all their favorite characters: Lin, Lisa, Karla, Vikram, Abdullah, George twins, Tariq and others. And each of them will open from a new, unexpected direction.

Reading the “The Mountain Shadow” nice to see, that the author has once again managed to attract and hold the reader’s attention throughout the novel. The plot is built in such way, that it is impossible to predict what will happen on the next page. And it captures.

Despite the volumes, is easily and quickly to read this book. Except some philosophical conversations, in which, I deliberately slowed down the pace of reading, to grasp the essence of writing.

The first hundred pages, I do not understood what is being said and what wants to say Gregory David Roberts, but reading the next seven hundred pages, I could not stop, I was wish to know how will end this book.

The novels “The Mountain Shadow” and “Shantaram” are nice and interesting because the events described in them are true. Reading the biography of Gregory David Roberts, I can only wonder what he had to endure. Of course, the names of the characters and some of the facts are fictitious, but in general, the author tells the story of his life.

I recommend everyone to read this book. If you have not yet read “Shantaram” I advise you to start with it, and after reading “The Mountain Shadow”. If you already have read “Shantaram”, then I wish you pleasant reading “The Mountain Shadow”.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading? And which one has inspired you?

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