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Hello again!

Hello friends!

For a long time I did not write any articles and it was also a certain experience for me. In fact, blogging is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. A blog is creativity and all creative people have creative crises. So it happened the same to me. At some point, I was lost and did not know whether to continue to write further. But now I realised that it’s worth it, and I realised that my experience is useful for people.

I am grateful for the support of my wonderful man, Angelique Svetlova, and all those friends who constantly asked me why did I stopped writing?!

A few months ago we moved to live in Germany, but I knew that we would not stay there for a long time, so I wanted to spend time with advantage. To visit as much as possible, to see more, to be sure after I’ll have a lot of information to tell you about. And I did so. I visited a lot of attractions and now I have a lot of new and interesting material, which very soon you will see on the pages of my blog.

I thought a lot about the fact that in the profession of a blogger there is a lot of intimacy. And what is important is finding the line between what you can tell and what you cannot tell to everybody. And how to preserve yourself and your personal space, when you daily sharing with subscribers the events of your personal life.

I think that I did find some agreement with myself, so I’m ready to write again.

Also, frankly, I need to say that your support is important to me, so I’m always happy to see your comments, reviews, letters.

You can feel free and ask me about travel, places, about something related to the topic of my blog.

I’m always glad to get acquainted with new people. But I do not like when people want to get into my personal space.

Guys and men who want to get to know me just for the relationships can not waste time writing letters, at the moment I’m not interested in your suggestions. But to all those who want to cooperate, or just share their experiences from their travels – I’m very happy!

As a girl, I like to receive compliments and feel loved, so do not be stingy, put likes, repost, tell your friends about my blog. Let’s all be useful to others together. After all, the more people learn about what I’m writing, the more people will have the opportunity to use my experience.

All the stories on my blog are real and tested on my personal experience, either, and, very rarely, on the experience of other people.

If at this time you live with me in the same city, write to me, I will be happy to meet with you. I will share experience personally.

Tell in the comments about yourself and your travels, this too can be useful for the people.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

I love and hug every reader!

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  • Katy Mayeaux


    Hi Ellina – I have been wondering why you haven’t been posting on your blogs lately, but I am glad to hear you have been taking lots of time to just experience the place you are now. Germany is a very beautiful place with lots of history!
    I completely believe you that blogging is time consuming and takes a lot of emotional energy also. I don’t think I would be able to do it as well as you do! Thank you for this update. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well and having fun!


    • ellina raisovna


      Hi Katy! I’m so happy that you still enjoy to read my blog! I’ll do my best to write more interesting articles! And thank you for your support!

      Have a nice day and keep in touch!


  • Beverly


    Just an Instagram fan who is living vicariously through you…. I am sure there are many older women like me that would never comment on here, not even sure why I am. Just kinda feel a strong push from the Holy Spirit! Be strong and ignore any psycho men or haters! You are living a dream and just BE YOU!


    • ellina raisovna


      Hi Beverly! I’m so happy to hear something from you and I hope also in the future you will write your opinion! Where are you from? Thank you for all your sweet words and have a nice day!


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