"Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!" by the Austrian and American

“Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!” by the Austrian and American

Everyone knows the story of Zhenya Lukashin of the “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” (famous movie in Russia). When, after the pre-meeting of New Year in the sauna with friends, the poor Eugene get drunk and flew to Leningrad instead of his friend. And after he was trying to get into apartment of someone, being sure that it was his apartment.

Because in USSR they was used to build the simular buildings and houses of the same types. I used to think that to do that was used just in Russia. I was wrong.

Having lived half a year in Austria and visited quite a number of cities, both large and small, I confidently declare that in Austria, too, they was not particularly bothered when designing and there is exist typical architectural projects. If you will bring me in any unknown for me Austrian town on the main square (Stadtplatz) and put in front of the town hall (Rathouse), but with my back to her, I will close my eyes and will tell you where are located: the church (cathedral), pharmacy (apotheke), the tourist center and old the gates to the city with the clock on the top.

You want to test for yourself? The next time, when you will traveling to Austria and will arrive on the main square, follow these steps:

1. Stand with your back to the town hall, of course not on the roadway. By the way, the town hall will be located roughly in the center of the square.

2. Look straight ahead. Directly behind the building in front of you will be a church.

3. On the left, at the end of the square will be the gate with the clock on the top.

4. On the right, also at the end of the square will be a tourist center.

5. Pharmacies are on both sides of the road.

And in Austria, all homes are painted in any color, but preferably in yellow. I asked many times locals about whether there is a logical explanation to this fact, but never met any one who was able to explain this.

The most interesting thing is that this story is not limited to Russia and Austria. Traveling on America, I was faced with a similar thing in the big cities. In my opinion, one American metropolis is different  from other only in the number of skyscrapers in downtown. This is particularly evident when you drive in highway around the city. There maybe 5, 15, maybe 50 skyscrapers, but their essence remains one – high-rise houses and empty streets. In the city is much easier to find a automobile than a man walking down the street. Please do not compare with New York, Miami and other cities heavily populated by tourists. Of course, there is a difference that is within the city, but if you do not go into the details, the substance are the same everywhere.

In the downtown, usually concentrated offices, hotels and banks (this is all high-rise buildings). And around the downtown spread out the leaving area, which usually takes quite a lot of space, because Americans have a lot of land, as well as in Russia. It should also clarify that the principle of the structure of the American city, different from the European, because in European cities in the center of the city tend to concentrate all the entertainment, historical monuments, museums and residential complexes. In American cities in the center is concentrated mainly offices and banks, and people live in two three-storey buildings outside the city center.

The town consists of different zones. In one are concentrated the poorest areas, in other the middle class and in the third live rich people. On this basis each of these areas has a particular set of shops, restaurants and bars. For example, in the area for people with limited income will be required to Walmart (something like Auchan), One Dollar, McDonalds, Whataburger (McDonald’s likeness), and others. In the area of ​​the middle and wealthy class will be the grocery stores are Kroger and Brookshire. And of course, in addition to fast food in this area will be narrower and restaurants.

I’m sure there are still many countries in which it is possible to identify similar patterns. So I have still to come! And I will share with you my observations.

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