Jack London, Martin Eden.

The first book of Jack London what I reading was his novel “Martin Eden”. Martin Eden – is the protagonist of the novel, a sailor, a native of the lower classes, who meets a girl from a rich bourgeois family, Ruth Morse. Martin fallen in love with Ruth from the first look. He decided get married with her, but first he needed to reach she’s level of life. He started self-education.

Martin Eden decided to become a writer. He took the hard way, he was agree for the dirty and hard work. And he did it all in the name of love. From a simple worker, he rise to the intellectual.

Someone said that the novel “Martin Eden” is largely autobiographical and drawed parallels with the life of Jack London.

It’s funny that when I was thinking: which next book to read, I was to choose between “Martin Eden” written by London and “Citadelle” written by Exupery. I decided to read “Martin Eden” only because I thought that in this book is less philosophy, and it will be easier to read. I was wrong. The book “Martin Eden” is full of philosophical ideas of Nietzsche and Herbert Spencer, as well as the philosophy of life of the author, which adds to the book a special charm.

About the book “Martin Eden” I heared from one of the readers of the blog. She left a comment on the article “The total list of books”, where I asked to recommend your favorive books. Thank you, Alina!

When I was reading “Martin Eden”, I always thought that not much has changed since 1909, when this novel was published. Writers still need to “pray” to editors and publishers, in the hope that one day they will open their doors and start to print their works.

I think, this novel will be interesting to read for everyone. The novel “Martin Eden” is a kind of success story of the 19th century, this is like the story of Steve Jobs, written 100 years ago.


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