La ragazza con la valigia.

“La ragazza con la valigia”, which translated from Italian means «Girl with a suitcase». One my Italian friend Cinzia calls me like that. By the way, this phrase very accurately describes my life the past few years. After deciding to travel, I had put my whole life in one suitcase and went to conquer the world.

A couple of years ago, taking a cup of coffee in a cafe with friends, we talked about travel and they asked me with genuine interest: How do I manage to travel the world with just one suitcase? Where are the rest of my stuff? Am I not tired constantly change the places? Where is my house? How do I feel in the new countries, cities, homes? etc. And what is most interesting, to this day I still hear these questions from different people from around the world. So I decided to answer all at once in a single article.

How do I manage to travel the world with just one suitcase?

The answer is simple, you do need to learn how to weed out unnecessary and take only the most necessary things. And all the rest you can buy along the way.

And by the way, my suitcase is not the biggest of all is that you can buy, I can even say that it is small. Its dimensions are 45:69:29 (m), and it is hardly accommodate a greater than 20 kg. But until recently I was happy with this, but now I’m thinking about a new suitcase, one size larger. Just because it has more volume and therefore will be much easier to transport warm clothes.

Hearing my answer, most surprised are the girls, who look at me with sincere amazement and think that I’m kidding. They really do not understand how I do it. One of my friends saw my suitcase and was taken aback, about a week later she came back to me and asked: “Elina, I still do not understand, you’re constantly buying new clothes, how do you manage to put everything into one suitcase ???”.

In fact, the life, “packed in a suitcase”, disciplines you. You begin to rethink and change your attitude to things. For example, if I lived in one place and time to time traveled, in my travels, I would have to buy various souvenirs, cute little things, nice dishes and etc. But all of this things will stay on the cabinet shelves and collect a dust. But, knowledge that today I am in the one country, and tomorrow I will be in another country, and do not know where I’ll be the day after tomorrow, this protects me from the additional costs.

The same rules applies to clothing purchases. I became more selective. Taking a walk to the shops, and falling in love with one more dress, now I think a hundred times before to buy it. Because I need to understand whether it is really necessary to me? How much space it takes in my “la valigia”? Maybe in my wardrobe already there is something similar? Then why I have to spend money on yet another copy of what is already there? The truth, that is strange to hear from a girl this words? But try to put your life in one suitcase and I’ll see how you will be treated to new things.

By the way, so there is an opportunity to save money. Stop buying unnecessary things, which would later be forgotten anyway on the shelves, you can spend this money to carry out your dreams. For the journey, for example!

I carried with me all my things, or there is a place where they are stored?

Of course, there is a house where I store all my stuff. And I come back there time to time, to change the clothes. Depending on the time of year and the country to which I’ll go.

Am I not tired constantly change the places?

How can I get tired of this? It’s so great, constantly move, meet new people, discover new places.

I have often noticed that living in one place, people become “blind” and stop to notice all the beauty that surrounds them. Have you ever walking in your hometown, and see the tourists which looking at local attractions with delight and took the pictures of everything, even normal, in your opinion, building? And at that time they pass by you think: “That’s assholes! Who will be interesting to make a pictures with this building? What is so unusual about this building?”

Sight of the tourists, like the sight of a child, who is looking with the interest on this big and beautiful world. He wants to know all the ordinances of your city, delve into its history, asking all sorts of questions, he is involved one hundred percent and live every moment as the last. In my opinion, it is in such moments people live, not exist.

Did you ever meet with foreigners, who know more than you do about your country or the city? Strangely, however, you live there for many years, and you absolutely do not care about its history, and all because it is ordinary to you. And unfortunatly that’s normal. I hope you do not think that the Parisians every day walk to admire the Eiffel Tower and admire the Champs-Elysées?

You’re in this moment, like the tired adults who have nothing interesting and it is caught up in the routine of the days.

In my opinion, one of the best thing in the travel, is to be able to again and again to get acquainted with the world through the eyes of an child. How can I get tired of this?

Where is my house? How do I feel in the new countries, cities, homes?

I combined these questions because they are very similar in my opinion.

My home, where I am.

And my feelings in new cities and countries great. I very quickly adapt to the new place of residence, so for me it is no problem. And even a little fun adventure.

For example, coming into the country, the language, which I do not know, I experience some difficulties in the shops when buying personal care and food products. But fortunately, we have a Google Translator, or local people who know English.

And of course, I have a little secret, which helps me in any place feel like home. The photos, the only thing that I always take with you on trips, they work wonders. I just hang them on the wall upon arrival in a new apartment, and this apartment immediately becomes warm and comfortable.

That’s all! If you still have any questions, please write them in the comments on the article, and I will answer to you!

In the mean time, «La ragazza con la valigia» puts things in a small suitcase and getting ready for the next trip!

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