Malaysia, sweeps in my mind the name of the wonderful country, and the soul becomes warm and cozy. This was my first encounter with Asia, a unique, amazing part of the world, full of paradoxes and warmth. First meeting took place at the level of feelings when came out of the plane, I was plunged into the atmosphere of warm days and endless sun. 

When meeting with Asians, you can feel an enormous difference between Europeans and them. They are so kind, friendly, sympathetic, smiling, it seems that sun kissed them. They want to know all about you, where you came, what you do, who your relatives, what you ate for breakfast, lunch, prepared to spend the time to pursue you if you get lost, ready to tell about their city. They are willing to share with you all, without waiting for anything in return. And most importantly striking difference they completely do not have lack a sense of self-importance. Compared to Europe, I can say that if you turned to for help one person the first thing you see will be appraising glance, irritated expression, as if you just distracted the most important person in the world of the most important job. In Asia, in response you get a smile and a sincere desire to help, even if a person is very busy and can not help immediately, he would smile and apologize. A smile is the key to the hearts of millions, which we so rarely use.

“Malaysia Malaysia strife!”, I was able to verify in practice the authenticity of the judgment. If you come to Malaysia, you will spend time in the capital, Kuala Lumpur or on. Penang, you will see another way of life. Rich people, driving around in expensive cars, the cities themselves with well-developed infrastructure, a lot of shops with expensive brands. But it is enough to make literally hour flight and you find yourself on another part of the country, which is fundamentally different from the big cities. There is dominated by poverty, the airport looks like a suburban train station, shops are in the open air at the crossroads, dilapidated house and abundance of insects that are ready be happy to share with you a house, a bed, a bathroom.

If we talk about the population, you can see 45% of Chinese, 30% Malays about the rest of the 25 – a Hindu and other newcomers citizens. An interesting fact is that the Chinese born in Malaysia, call themselves Malay Chinese and very offended if you ask them out of ignorance about whether the Chinese they are (meaning a just Chinese without Malay).

Due to the fact that the population is multi ethnic and multi religious, the celebrations there happens with such regularity that even in Europe we can envy. If a religious holiday or birthday of a sultan, then no one is working all will have a fun. A huge number of events provided in this small country. They even arrange fruit festivals.

The main religion – Islam, but in Malaysia living a large percentage of the Hindus, the Buddhist temples are everywhere, and they all celebrate the holidays, too. As everyone knows, according to Muslim traditions in the Muslim countries alcohol is forbidden and it’s true. If you find yourself in a part of town that is not a tourist, you will not succeed to drink a glass of wine at dinner. Also in the large supermarkets do not sell alcohol, are sold only in selected stores.

It was very interesting to watch the friendliness of the Malays, even in business. To my surprise there was no limit, when one day I going to the supermarket, I found a new department with wreaths – flowers. My first thought was that the flower shop opened, it turned out that they had gift flowers from “neighbors” to open the department.

Returning to the theme of events, I want to note that in addition to the fact that in different parts of the country are constantly taking place some kind of action, in the same mall on the ground floors, constantly all departments present their products, setting up something like a show room, where anyone can touch everything, to try and get advice from the friendly professionals.

The weather is very hot, but swimming in the sea is not recommended because it is very dirty. Swim better in pools that are present in almost all multi-storey buildings, personal for the residents of the building. If you want to swim in the sea, I recommend you fly to another part of the country, where there are three beautiful islands, one of them is called the second Maldives. Nature gorgeous, sandy beach, blue sea.

Malays mainly speak on Malay language, but almost everyone is able to talk to you in English. Because for them English is a major language for teaching in schools and universities. By the way, they have a lot of international schools, but there are also local.

Well, that I ended my brief and higgledy-piggledy review of Malaysia. Emotions overwhelm, I want to tell all at once, but I will tell little by little and gradually.

To be continued…

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