Move in the World

Move in the World.

Traveling around the world, many times I have met people who would like to move to live out of their country.

Whether it’s Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy any one in any country, there is always a certain percentage of the population who are not satisfied with the rules and laws of the country where they are living.

I have nothing against the “change”, I just want to tell you that about the pitfalls, which perhaps you have not thought of. Inspired by the idea, to change the country of residence, people often idealize the notion of the “new home».

So, before you decide to move from one country to another, will be better think a million times.

However, everyone has the right to decide what is best for him and what is worse.

I just would like to give you a few advice according my experience of “live around the world».

1. At the end, who lives in his own country well, surely can live well also in other countries.

And as in the modern world, a measure of a good life is only the «money». Let me tell you in a different words: «Who has money to live well in his own country, have money even to live well also in other countries».

2. Move in the World. – Quite an important step in the life.

So, it is good to evaluate one more time the “pros” and «cons». If you move in other country in the pursuit of money, think about whether they will satisfy you and whether they will be sufficient, if you will consider the standard of living in the new country.

3. Usually people want to go away because they do not like: government rules, high taxes, low salary and bad neighbors. My dears, are you so naive to think that in other countries these aspects are not the same?

4. It’s important to understand that, visit a Country like a tourist is quite easy to fall in love with it, but move to live in the same country it’s quite different, that is the point.

Logically, who are going in holiday in some nice country, got time for relaxing on the beach, visit the museums, going for shopping and thinking ” that is the paradise! ”

Of course, it is a paradise, if you spend all days there enjoying and living only in the tourist areas.

Now, try to rent a house not in the usual tourist area and live there, think about how you can communicate with the local people, live their lives, try to listen their sorrows and joys and again ask about their life, how they organize their communication inside to the family, how is the school for their children, how they relate to their country rules, and last but not least, if it’s easy to find a job.

Trust me, in the 95% of the case, you will no longer dream to move in others country.

Especially if you was always lived in the same city and you have already organized everything: family, friends, house and job.

5. Mentality, traditions and culture are the most important thing that we absorb with a mother’s milk when we are child. We think everything is fine. And we think that everything will be as it should be.

You will wonder a lot of time, about the people who are living in other countries. Because they have fundamentally different views on life, food, friends, parties, religion, for all. And like somebody said, “in a dark monastery is better not walk».

So, my dear, or you will be able to adapt your life with everything that happens or you will not have easy life.

6. You will need to learn a new language, if you still do not know the language of the country in which you want to live.

Learning to think with their mentality and do the same life like the local people of other countries.

7. Remember that: in another country nobody is waiting for you and nobody need you.

So, in the new country you have to hope only on yourselves. Perhaps, you are already organized in the right way to do everything for yourself and trust on your own strength.

But believe me, to do the same away from home, it is morally much more difficult.

8. People that has moved from his own country, at least once, has sat alone and thought with sad about the homeland. And they dreamed, just for few moments, come back and feel at home and in a familiar environment.

After reading this article, you might think that moving to another country it’s a living hell.

Really isn’t like that, I just wanna point out some negative aspect, only to be sure that you will think again, again, and again a hundred times, before to do.

And then, you can’t say later that you were not warned about it

Therefore, after all this suggestions if you still wish to change your life


You will be inside to a new exciting adventure, entitled “Move  in the World”.

You will meet new people, new cultures, customs and cuisines and again you will learn how to quickly adapt to new situations, to speak at least two languages (mother tongue and is spoken by residents of other countries).

You will live a long time and send to your friends photos with your happy face!

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