My Roses Experience Tour

My Roses Experience Tour.

Roses… Idea to visit “Gardens of the American Rose Center” visited me often, but for various reasons I constantly postponed it. One day in the spring, finally I got into the car and drove there.

Gardens of the American Rose Center is located near the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. In May, in the southern part of America it is already quite hot, so I decided to go to there early in the morning, just to be sure I can take a walk easy and enjoy the view of roses.

After parking the car in the spacious parking lot, which is located directly in front of the administrative building, I went inside. At the entrance, I found a group of women that were talking about something. I stopped to ask where I can buy the tickets, but one of these women started to ask me where I come from and what I’m doing here? (affability and friendliness is very typical for the Americans, for more details you can read here: “Amazing facts about life of Americans”). When I finished answering all of these questions, she said that today and exactly right now in the park will start “V.I.P. Roses Experience Tour” and if I want I can follow them.

V.I.P. tour included walk through the gardens and the story about it, sweet treats.

My Roses Experience Tour

My Roses Experience Tour

The tour was supported by the local press “The Times”.

As it turned out, the woman who invited me to participate in this wonderful event was Laura Seabaugh, Executive Director of American Rose Society.

My Roses Experience Tour

The woman, who made for us an interesting tour of the garden was Beth Smiley, Publications Director and Managing Editor. (Beth is on the right).

My Roses Experience Tour28

Reporter from “The Times” was Maggie Martin, who wrote the great article about the tour. You can read it here: Article.


And the woman who photographed the whole event was Emily Hamann, Associate Editor and Social Media.

Beth began her story by saying that the American Rose Society (ARS) has pretty prestigious age and next year they will celebrate 125 years since its foundation. The American Rose Society is one of the oldest rose communities in the United States. The headquarters is located in the American Rose Center near Shreveport, Louisiana. Center occupies 190 acre territory.




ARS provides various kinds of assistance to its members. For example: if you woke up one morning and decide to grow a rose, and before that you did not know anything about them, you just have to apply to the APC and they will give to you all the necessary information. Helping you to choose the type of roses that will be nice to you personally, correct for your area, climate, etc. If you already grow roses, but for any reason they get sick, you only to call to the ARS and you will receive all necessary assistance, up to the an expert on roses which will come in your house.

In the American Rose Center located a library in which you can find a variety of books about the roses. The library has around 2,000 books. The oldest book was written in 1796. Also in this library there is a copy of the famous book “The Genius Rosa”, written in 1900. As Beth says, basing his words on the experience of many gardeners, if you open this book today and follow all instructions listed there, you will get a perfect result and in your garden roses will bloom.

The next book, a copy of which is stored in the local library and its employees are proud of that, this is a book written by P.-J. Redoute «Roses». The original of this book is worth 780,000 dollars.

And the third book, which deserves special attention it is “The American rose annual”, they printed this book themselves. This book soon will be one hundred years old.



Also on the territory of the garden there is a chapel, in which regularly hosts weddings ceremonies. As I understand, this garden is one of the favorite places for newlyweds, because there is very beautiful.



The garden area is divided into small areas where community members, build various monuments, erected in memory of their deceased relatives. Each monument touching and beautiful in its own way. It is an interesting way to express your love and the memory of the dead.




The American Rose Center also has its own interesting signs. For example, there is growing an kind of rose, and her name is Paggy Morgan. When this rose ceases to bloom, the park staff know that spring is over.




Another surprising fact was that the Americans call a rose in honor of their presidents and leaders.

I also learned from the story of Beth, that most roses bloom only once a year. They have more than 70,000 names of roses in this garden and 38 different classes of roses of different colors, shapes, smells. And that in the world there is no blue roses, if you will find one, means they are colored.

Photos of various roses.

In this garden are blooming orange roses and name of them “Shreveport Rose”. They can be found only in Shreveport.



Prior to my visit into Gardens of the American Rose Center and before acquaintance with the American Rose Society I could not imagine how it works. It is really helpful and nice society. People which work here really love them job.

Thank you again to all those who organized this wonderful experiment tour!

If you will be in the United States, go to the Shreveport and take a look Gardens of the American Rose Center.

If you are already in America and love roses, join the American Rose Society!

P.S. The main photo for this post made by Emily Hamann.

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    Thank you for such a wonderful story about your visit with us. Meeting you was truly a treat!


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      Thank you Laura! Hope to see you again!


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