New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

New Orleans is a city in which “there is no reason not to drink.” Such a number of holidays, parades and parties that organise in this city I have not seen yet any where. By the way, because of this, the Americans called New Orleans “The Big Easy”, this name very clearly emphasises the free atmosphere of the city and the light-heartedness of its locals. During the day, the city looks like a normal metropolis, and in the evening turns into the kingdom of fun and debauchery.



New Orleans is located in Louisiana, USA. The territory of the city was opened by the Spaniards in the early 16th century, but in 1680 it was captured by the French. Since then, the centre of the old part of the modern city is known as the French Quarter. I pay special attention to the story, because that’s where it becomes clear how in the ordinary American City there are a lot of European buildings.

Explain in detail. Approaching the city you will see a picture typical for any American metropolis: roadways, bridges and skyscrapers. But once you drive deep and reach the old town, or rather the French Quarter, you will think that you are in one of European towns. Because you will see an interesting picture. In the middle of the stone jungle you will find a small “oasis” of buildings, constructed in European style. These are the usual one, two or three-storey houses.





In addition to the architecture of the French Quarter in New Orleans, this place is known for its cultural and depraved entertainment. The French Quarter is the oldest area of ​​the city, that is why there is located most of the museums and historical monuments.

For example, the central area of ​​the French Quarter is Jackson Square. The square is named in honour of Andrew Jackson the seventh president of the United States of America. From every corner of this square, you can hear jazz, played by local musicians on the street. Do you know that New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and of Louis Armstrong?


In the same area is located a sculpture of Jackson, built in 1856.


St. Louis (Saint Louis Cathedral), founded in 1718, and received a modern look with towers and the clock in 1819.


Another attraction of New Orleans, in my opinion, is the Mississippi River. Mississippi is the primary and most full-flowing river of the United States. In New Orleans, you have the opportunity not only to see the river, but take a walk or a boat trip along the Mississippi.

You can take a walk along the promenade.



Boat trips you can make on the ferry «Steamer Natchez».

After a walk along the promenade of the river, you can stroll through the modern part of the city. There is located office buildings, hotels, casino and restaurants. By the way, in the New Orleans is located a huge number of hotels to suit every taste and budget. Because this city is an important financial and commercial centre of the southern United States, as well as the largest transportation hub. And of course an interesting tourist destination.

The main event of the city, is a world-famous Mardi Gras carnival. Festival Mardi Gras is celebrated in many European countries, the USA and other countries. In the US, the most lush celebration is in New Orleans. Here the holiday lasts for a month, and the highlight is the carnival itself, which is the final stage of the celebration. Initially, it was a costume show on the occasion of the meeting of spring in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which did not cause much interest among the citizens. But over the years, the carnival became more and more interesting, appeared bright coloured platform, driven by horses. To date, the platform moves the cars.

Obligatory attribute of this carnival is the colourful beads. People throw them from a moving platform in the crowd of people who come to gawk. It is believed that the more beads you may gather, the more you cooler. In addition to beads, they throw from the platforms, toys, souvenirs, drinks and sweets. Plus, each platform decorated in its own style. In general, it is very bright, loud and beautiful event.





Carnival is held at the famous street in New Orleans, Bourbon Street. It is the heart of the French Quarter, where you can see everything.

For example, here’s these women who came on a holiday in the restaurant.



And here is the famous Bourbon Street, which is an endless number of bars, restaurants and entertainment for the “adult”.



Like I said earlier, the New Orleans is not only famous for its cultural entertainment, but also for its depraved entertainment. And Bourbon Street is its main source. If you go there in the evening, you’ll see how it changed.

How would I explain better? In the evening, Bourbon Street looks like this: walk on it elegantly dressed people, people dressed in sport, drunk people, sober people, half-naked people. People who offer sexual services for both men and women. Adults, youth, rarely children with parents, of course. And all this is accompanied by a fun, strong drinks, loud music.

Now do you understand why the Americans called New Orleans «The Big Easy»?

Most of all I liked the bars where jazz musicians played. There reigned a special fun atmosphere. It was very interesting to watch how young people dancing jazz dance in pairs.


That’s all! When you will gather in New Orleans, please contact me, I will tell you in which restaurant there is very tasty food and a few secrets of this city.

And I’m going in a new journey!


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  • Katy Mayeaux


    I’ve been to New Orleans many times. I was interested to see how you saw it from an outsider’s perspective. Thanks for the review! Did you actually get to see a Mardi Gras parade? You didn’t post any photos of one. They are wild.


    • ellina raisovna


      I saw Mardi Gras parade twice, but not in New Orleans.)


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