New Year in Vienna, Austria.

New Year in Vienna, Austria. Do you want to fly to Vienna for the New Year holidays? And if yes, what you can do there?

Have you already celebrate the New Year in one of the European countries? If so, you can already imagine about what awaits you, namely, fireworks in the main squares, various street festivals, Christmas fairs and a crowd of people.

I hasten to note that the main event of the New Year for the Europeans is Christmas. That is why the main “fairy tale” in Europe falls on the Catholic Christmas date. A night of December 31 to January 1 are just one more reason to relax and take a walk, but no more. Nevertheless, should pay tribute to the big tourist cities that are trying to attract and entertain tourists, and make a variety of activities.

So, if you come to Vienna to celebrate the New Year, then you have several options for New Year’s Eve.

Firstly, many hotels offer Christmas and New Year’s Eve program. Therefore, if you do not want to go far, and a restaurant in your hotel you are comfortable, then you may stay on this option.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to visit New Year’s ball in the winter residence of the Habsburgs – Hofburg Imperial Palace. In my opinion, this new year will be remembered for a long time for each participant. But this option is not available to everyone. Prices for New Year’s Eve Ball at the Hofburg, you can see here.

Third, you can reserve a table at a restaurant in the old town. Restaurants offer dinner and entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

Fourth, you can have dinner a little earlier, in one of the restaurants above, and then, to celebrate the New Year at one of the main square in which on midnight will be the fireworks. The square on which they make the main event of the new year is called the Rathausplatz.


By the way, we have done last option. After dinner in advance at one of the restaurants we went to the Rathausplatz to celebrate New Year in a crowd of strangers. In the street was still quite cold, so I was looking forward to the New Year and fireworks. Fun was the moment when leading in the square began to count down the time in German. And if the whole crowd would not start to repeat after leading figures, I would not even realize that the New Year is almost began. Because my knowledge of the German language, are limited to the numbers 1, 2, 3. And when the clock struck midnight, and took off into the sky hundreds of fireworks, people congratulated each other a Happy New Year and returned to their homes and hotels. Despite the cold, I liked this version of the New Year.

What else is important to know when you planning to celebrate New Year in Vienna?


In December – January, in Vienna, is fresh enough, I would even say cold. So do not forget to bring warm clothes.

Viennese cuisine.

While you are in Vienna, be sure to try Viennese cuisine.

One of the most famous dishes not only in Vienna but also in the whole of Austria is Vienna schnitzel (Wiener Schnitzel). This thin fried breaded schnitzel. According to the original recipe Wiener Schnitzel made from beef, but you can also find a schnitzel from pork or turkey meat. Very tasty, but big enough dish.


Photo of schnitzel I downloaded from here.

Of the sweets, I recommend to try the world-famous Sacher torte. Despite the fact that I do not like chocolate cake, I ate it with great pleasure. Sacher cake so famous in Austria, in his honor, called the bakery, hotels and shops.


A photograph of the cake, I downloaded from here

And of course, do not forget to look into the Viennese coffee house. One of the most famous coffee places in the world. They are very comfortable and offer a great selection of all kinds of sweets.


This part is sad, in my opinion. Because, as a rule, during the Christmas holidays most museums do not work. So if this is your first and only visit to Vienna, then I recommend that you move the visit in another time, and even better to return to Vienna next time.

And be sure to check in advance on the web-site of the museums, which ones and at what time will be open during the Christmas holidays.

Some of the sights.

Vienna is an incredibly beautiful city that is admired not only for its architecture and historical heritage, but also by its grandeur.

It is interesting to note that walking through Vienna, I was feeling that I walk across St. Petersburg, Russia. That two cities have similar architecture and atmosphere.

One of the most famous places in Vienna, is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). This cathedral is also a national symbol of Austria. The Cathedral is located on the Stephansplatz Square (Stephansplatz). During the Christmas break, they build around it a Christmas fairs.





Another famous place among tourists is The Hundertwasserhaus.









In Vienna, there is a huge number of other attractions, I told you only about those that managed to visit myself. More information you can find on the Internet.

Vienna is a big city. So if you want to see a lot of sights, but you do not have much time, then I recommend that you buy bus tour – “Vienna Hop on Hop off Bus”.

I told you what you can entertain yourself in the Austrian capital, and to go there to celebrate New Year or not, you decide!

Happy New Year, friends!

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