In our land we have a one of small paradise island and name of that – Penang in Malaysia!

That is a wonderful country with beautiful small population, they are very kind and smiling. They are will be happy help you to cross the street, found up whatever you lost, explain you about their culture and country.

They are always smiling and generally, when you speak with that lovely small people you have a feeling that sun kiss them. Word “small” I’m already use several times not by the fault, I sad that just because average growth for them more or less 1,60 cm.

Population – multinational, the majority of them Malays, Chinese and Indians. Happen like that by history. 

If you compare Malaysia and Russia by size, immediately you can see that Malaysia more small. But this is  fabulous and fascinating country. Also weather completely different. They are didn’t know what means winter season and never saw a snow. But in any mall you could find up store where you can buy warm clothing. Like a person who coming from Ural, claim, get frozen in this cloth you will be able in 3 second after you put your finger outside of airplane, but…

I will tell you a lot of interesting story about this wonderful country. But before i would like to be sure that also you will love this country like me, even you never went where.

From my balcony, offer a amazing view of the Straits of Malacca. And i was happy to see this. 

Every morning going to the balcony and seeing this, I felt like a happiest women in the world. I do not know if you love water us much I do, but in my opinion remain indifferent here just is not realistic.

In the hours of bad weather I was think about how much powerless and weak people in front of power of nature. I watched this pictures with bated breath and each time I was admired. Specially I was getting crazy to see the storms, when sea starts to moved under wind I became creepy and scary. I felt like a little drain of sand in this vast world.

At time for sunset I felt like right now happen something amazing and important. And I am lucky to see this picture. I was happy like a kids.

That is my small but beloved Malaysia. I hope and believe that you will love her like me, even more!

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