Photo story about Rome.

Of course, you have to be crazy, to fly to Rome for only one day. And try to see all the sights. But this was great experience. During that day I have lived one small life, full of emotions and events.

In the evening, when I had to go to the airport, I was so tired, but very happy.

1 The first thing I saw in Rome, was the Capitoline Hill and The National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Seeing these works of art, I immediately remembered the poem of the great Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev “Cicero”.

According to the history, the Capitol, it is one of the seven hills on which arose Ancient Rome.

In front of The Capitol located Piazza Venezia. In this square mr. Benito Mussolini declared that the Italy will join the Germany in the World War II.

Capitoline Hill 1

Capitoline Hill 2

Capitoline Hill 3

2 Made thousands of photos and enjoy the grandeur of Rome with Capitoline Hill height, I went to the way to The Colosseum. And before arrived there I passed through The Roman Forum.

Guide tour for Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill you can buy here.


The Roman Forum

3 The Colosseum.

The Colosseum is one of the symbol of Rome and I think that there is no such person on planet Earth who would not know about Rome and the Colosseum.

If you do not want to stand in line for buy the tickets, then I recommend you to use the service: Colosseum – Skip the line. Or use the service Colosseum Private Tour, in English language.

The Colosseum 1

The Colosseum 2

4 Near the Colosseum located The Arch of Constantine. This arch, only one arch in Rome, built to commemorate the victory in the Civil War.

The Arch of Constantine

5 After that I took a taxi and went in the Vatican City, the smallest, officially recognized state in the world.

Unluckily I didn’t visit famous Vatican museums, because I had limited time. And when I arrived there, there was already the big line in the ticket window.

Vatican City 2

Somebody explain me that if I will stand in this point a looking in the column of St. Peter’s Basilica, I will think, that all column stand in one line.

St. Peter's Basilica

6 The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant’Angelo. The Castel was once the tallest building in Rome.

Tickets for a tour of Castel Sant’Angelo can be purchased here.

Castel Sant'Angelo

7 Ponte Sant’Angelo (bridge) which leads to the Castel Sant’Angelo.


8 Piazza Navona. In the Navona square located the S. Agnese Church. Mr. Lorenzo Bernini (Italian sculpture and builder) supposed to get the contract to build this church from the Clero (Vatican).

But unfortunately for him, Vatican made the contract with other guy (mr. Francesco Borromini) and they gave to Mr. Bernini only the contract to build the fountain in the Navona square (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi).

Mr. Bernini was very upsetting about such decision and he consider that like a insult for him. So, he decided to create something to demonstrate that the church was not made in the proper way.

In fact, the sculpture of the fountain in the middle of Navona square showed that the men in front to the church are afraid about the stability of the church and is looks as if the church can fall down any moment.

S. Agnese Church.

S. Agnese Church

Fountain of the Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi).

Fontana dei quattro fiumi

9 Famous Spanish Steps, for my opinion is just a stairs. But people knew about it because from there begins famous shopping street in Rome Via Condotti. I’m kidding.

Spain Stars

As I said as the beginning, that was one wonderful day. Also weather was fantastic. I visited Rome in one day, but I don’t suggest you repeat my experience, because Rome is a wonderful historical city. Each corner there has his longer history. So, is better spend there a week and visit everything in the proper way.

You can also book a private tour with a guide to Rome – Rome Walking Tour – Private Tour.

Good luck!

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