Safety rules while travelling.

It is very important to know and follow safety rules, especially when you travel to a new country and culture.

Not so long ago, I conducted a survey on the topic: “What would you like to read in my blog?” Well, I analysed your answers and came to an interesting conclusion: there are topics that I have repeatedly disclose in my articles and I will continue to do so further, and there are some topics about which I did not think that it makes sense to write.

Of course, I will reveal all the topics about which you wrote in your wishes. But today I want to focus on one of the topics proposed by David Offor, because it was the topic which is surprised me. David wrote that for some people interested to know about the safety in the country, political unrest, etc.

This topic is really important and interesting.

I would like to begin with, that our safety should interest us in the first place and of course, it is not necessary to visit the countries or places dangerous for tourists. There are cities that, in principle, are touristic, but to go to certain areas of these cities is not highly recommended, even for the locals.

Therefore, the concept of safety in each country, quite loose. But I tried to write for you the general safety rules, observing that you have the chance to spend your journey safely, wherever you fly.

1. Do not fly in a country where military operations are conducted.

Well, first of all, probably no one will allow you to fly there and secondly, what you wanna do there? On our planet, there are many interesting and beautiful places, and you can always choose something else.

But there are other cases. Here, for example, in Turkey last summer was a very dangerous situation because of the threat of terrorist attacks, in this regard, many people have abandoned this direction. On the one hand, they were right, on the other hand, during this period, due to the fact that tourists were few and they were mostly locals, hotel rates and events fell at least 2 times. Therefore, in economic terms it was more profitable to fly to Turkey during this period, but in safety sense, was better to fly somewhere else. The same can be said about Egypt.

If we talk about the political unrest, then there are countries in which the political unrest there permanently. It all depends on how the unrest affecting the population. For example, if in any country the power possessed by a demon and divides between a throne, but today it has little effect on the local population, you can feel free to fly there. Because it can be safely. But there are also other cases.

Take for example, the famous war in Syria. Last year everybody very actively discussed the events that happened there. But it is worth noting that I do not remember those times when Syria was an attractive tourist destination. Yes, maybe someone went there, and I am confident that their land has a lot of historical monuments, but it is clear that Syria is not the touristic place.

Or for example, why you wanna fly to Afghanistan, if they are constantly there is a war? As I have said, in the world there are many beautiful and safe places, fly there!

The result is simple, do not go to those countries in which there are any military action or threat of military action there. That is all.

2. Another important observation is that you should understand in which countries the budget is formed mainly by tourists, or the tourism industry is not dominant, but it has a significant impact on the budget. Because it is in these countries, you can be assured about your safety.

Take for example, Italy. It’s no secret that its southern part, is quite a dangerous place to visit. I think many people watched “The Godfather.” Nevertheless, if you fly there as an ordinary tourist and behave accordingly, you can be confident in your safety and a warm welcome from the southerners. I hasten to point out that the budget of Italy, is not formed mainly from the tourism industry, but this industry has on their budget a significant impact.

And if you are flying to countries such as the Netherlands and Poland, you will get twice as much pleasure from the service. These two countries are the most surprised me by how many options and services they offer for the comfort of tourists.

3. Respect the laws and traditions of other countries. In some countries, living arrangements may seem so strange and absurd for you. That you would like to discuss this occasion. Discuss as much you want, but preferably outside of this country. As the saying goes, “in a strange monastery with your charter, not walk.”

This is especially true of Muslim countries. They live in their own world. So instead of being angry or discuss, simply follow their rules. In some Muslim countries, you can see women in short shorts and dresses, but this does not mean that you should repeat them and to dress same. If you are a tourist = guest, then I recommend you to dress in accordance with their rules, if you want to be safe and not get into complicated situations. Do not provoke the locals.

In the beach areas, of course, you can dress comfortably and walk in beach dresses.

4. When communicating with the locals, try not to start talking to them on the painful topic. For example, do not talk about fascism with the Germans and Austrians; do not talk with the Indians about caste division, etc.

But most importantly, in any case, do not talk about politics. At least because it’s not ethical!

5. In general, the more you know about the country in which you are going to fly and its features, the more chances you have to spend your vacation in safety and good spirits. Therefore, before you go somewhere, read something about this place.

6. Try to talk politely, at least learn the English language, it will help you to find a way out of any situation.

7. Do not get involved in the conflicts with the local population, at least because they are larger. :)

8. If you like to drink, but you do not like to control yourself, I advise you to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages in other countries.

9. Going on a trip, take a minimum set of medicines. For example aspirin, and of something for the stomach. Do not bring with you a whole medicine cabinet, because you can find any medication, or his substitute in the pharmacies of the world.

Except when you are sick with something particular, and you definitely need to use any special medication. But before you bring these medications, check online on the web of a country if it’s possible to do.

The only thing worth knowing that in the countries of Europe and America, many medicines are not sold without a doctor’s prescription. So, do not forget to buy insurance before you fly somewhere.

10. Beware of pickpockets and do not forget your belongings. While it is generally true for any crowded place, while traveling you need to be more careful.

Although, I was twice surprised in a similar situation.

The first time in Malaysia. At that time, when I was staying on the island of Penang, I often went to the pool to sunbathe. And then one of these days, I forgot my sunglasses there. I remembered about them in a few hours later. Without much hope I had returned to the pool, and what do you think? I found my sunglasses in the same place where I left them.

The second time, I was pleasantly surprised in the United States, in Shreveport. One day we went to drink coffee in the Rhino Coffee. We chose a table on the street, on the part of the roadway. Drinking coffee, we went to another part of the city. Along the way, it’s been about 30 minutes, I realised that I lost my wallet with the money inside. I watched all in the car, but found nothing. Then we decided to go back to the cafe and ask maybe someone find my wallet? And what do you think? I even had to go into the coffee, the wallet just lay on the table in the street.

Yes, friends, there’s such a pleasant moments while travels.

11. I also heard that many, going to Asia, afraid of getting food poisoning. And there are even cases. I believe, but the fact is that you first must take care about your health. Especially people who travel a little, and their stomachs are not adapted to overseas food, especially spicy food.

The most important rule, do not drink water from the tap, and in plastic bags (in Asia it is very common). Buy water in plastic bottles. In the cafeterias do not drink cola, mixed with a tap water. In general, try to drink all that is in sealed bottles.

Do not experiment with food. Eat more or less the usual food for you, or at least adequate food. Do not order the strange dishes for you, if you do not know their taste. Do not eat on the street, go to normal places.

I, by the way, I love to try new things. But until now, the only disorder what I had in this case, I had to eat tasteless dinner, well, or order something else. But my stomach is already adapted to any food. If I managed to eat unwashed fruit bought on the streets of Giza, near the pyramids in Egypt, and at the same time feel great, it is unlikely that my stomach can be upset about something. Although … I have not yet been in China and India. :)

12. Going on a trip to a country that lives poorer than yours, in any case, do not treat the locals contemptuously. Treat everyone with respect, as an equal.

13. I do not tire of repeating, that arriving in another country, you must remember that you are there a GUEST. MANNERED GUEST. Always remember that in the eyes of the locals you are a “face of your country”. Behave decently.

If you are a girl, then all sorts of precautions you should observe twice as careful than men. But even if you are a man, I recommend you stick to the elementary safety rules.

I think that most of the above tips do not relevant to the people who are flying in the beach vacation «All Inclusive», rather they are more suitable for independent travelers, or those people who visit the cities.

But remember, that to be a MANNERED GUEST, must every traveler.

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