Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria.

Planning to visit the birthplace of the great composer Mozart, the beautiful city of Salzburg, I decided not to use the traditional way. Instead of pre explore the local attractions on the internet and then to visit them, I decided to see the city through the eyes of local residents. For this I was thinking talk with some locals, and ask for their advice: what is better to visit and where better to eat.

Fortunately, by the time I was already familiar with Gerald Weilbuchner. He has a lot of friends all over Austria and he recommended me some of them, who was living in Salzburg.

A couple of years have passed since then, and I still remember the friendliness and kindness of people who responded to the questions from one stranger. Thank you, Leonie Paischer, Clara Russinger and Krispin Kasinger. Those guys do not just tell about their favorite places in Salzburg, but also offered to be my guide and show me the city personally. I was deeply touched. Unfortunately, we have not met, but their advises really helped me enjoy a visit to Salzburg.

I love a tasty meal, but during the travels, especially in tourist cities, you have a very good chance to visit a restaurant that will be “made for the tourists”. In these restaurants, as a rule, very rarely I can enjoy the cuisine, because all the food in it adapted to the tastes of tourists. But if you are lucky enough to find a restaurant, which is “made for the locals”, then take my word, you will be more than satisfied and want to return there again and again.

Thanks to Krispin, I found such a place in Salzburg. Lovely restaurant Die Weisse, which prepare delicious Austrian dishes and brews its own beer. On Friday and Saturday, with no pre-booking a table, there was hard to find a free table. An amazing place, I hope that they thrive to this day.

After talking with Leonie, Clara and Krispin and get their advice that the best to visit and where the best to eat, I went to Salzburg.

Salzburg, is the wonderful old city. And the historical part of the city is under UNESCO protection. As a result, I’ve been there a several times, because at that time I was staying in Braunau-am-Inn, which is located only 60 km far from Salzburg. Was enough take a car and in 40 minutes I was already in Salzburg.

I’ve been to Salzburg at different times of the year, which is also  influences the perception of the city. It’s one thing when you’re walking around in warm weather, admiring the sights and get pleasure from the atmosphere of the city. Another thing, when it’s pouring rain, and in Austria rains are very common, and you run on the same beautiful streets, but at this moment you worried about only one question: where to take shelter from the rain? And the last option is when became colder and the snow falls. By the way, there is a certain charm in walking through the streets of Salzburg at that time. Because everything smells of Christmas and a wonderful chocolate Mozartkugel. It is their delicious chocolate! Be sure to try it if you are in Salzburg.

In Salzburg, year-round full of tourists. They come there from all over the world to see this beautiful city. Also in Salzburg many festivals held every year, the most important of which is the Salzburg Music Festival. It is held in summer and gathers a large number of classical music lovers from all over the world.

At that time, when I was in Salzburg, I did not have a blog, so I did not pay particular attention to the photos, but only enjoyed the city. Therefore, in this article I will show you to only a few photos, about attractions.

For example, The Hohensalzburg Castle. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. It is located on a mountaintop Festung, at an altitude of 120 meters above the city level. Climb to the castle, you can by walk or use funicular. From the territory of the castle offers a beautiful view of Salzburg.

If you want to not just walk around the castle, but also to listen about its history, then I recommend that you buy a tour – Fortress Hohensalzburg Guided Tour.

Mozart Square. In this Square is located famous a monument to Mozart. By the way, in Salzburg are located many attractions associated with Mozart, for example, Mozart’s Birthplace, Mozart’s Residence, Mozarteum University of Salzburg, a public music university and etc.

You can purchase the Mozart Guided City Tour and enjoy all the sights associated with Mozart at once.

Of course, you will find many more others sights in Salzburg. More details about them you can read on Google. On my own I want to add that Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian City, and if you have the opportunity to visit it, be sure to do it. Or maybe you’ve already been there? Share your impressions in the comments.

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