Sicily, Italy.

Choosing between two of the Italian Islands Sicily and Sardinia, we decided to fly on vacation to Sicily. 😍 Our choice was due to the fact that in Sicily, in addition to relax on the beach you can also have some cultural attractions.

Sardinia is famous for its incredibly beautiful sea coast of all shades of blue. I, of course, adore the beautiful nature, but this time I wanted to not just lie on the beach all day, but also to visit historical places. πŸ€“

The fact that we made the right choice became clear on the very first day of arrival. 😎

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🌢 Sicily is full of history. And you will notice this immediately as soon you’ll visit in one of its cities. Every little detail on this island points to its particular style. ❀️

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🌢 Sicily it is bright, juicy, colourful, hot. 🌞 I really enjoyed listening to the conversations of local people in the Sicilian dialect (siciliano). Because the dialect of Italian southerners has a certain singularity. Everything indicates how great it is for them to live on the sea side, under to the sun. πŸ—£ They talk enjoying, slowly, pulling syllables in words, slightly changing the pronunciation of letters. 🀩


By the way, if you looked at the famous criminal saga “The Godfather”, then it will be easier for you to understand what I’m writing about. Because the protagonist of the saga Don Corleone speaks exactly in this dialect. ☝🏼

🌢 Sicily – she fills, inspires. It was in Sicily that I began to understand the famous clothing brand Dolce and Gabbana 🌺. I understood where they draw inspiration from. Being there, I also wanted to create something beautiful, colourful. 😍

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🌢 Sicily is diverse. If you have enough time, I recommend that you rent a car πŸš— and ride around the perimeter of the island, stopping on the way in small / large cities. Traveling Sicily by car you will see for yourself and be surprised how diverse it is.😍 You will find sand and stone beaches on it; a city in the Baroque style; the volcano Etna, which is the highest active volcano in Europe; small picturesque villages; the ruins of Greek temples; mosaics made by Byzantine masters and other amazing places.Β 


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🌢 Sicily I associate with the holiday and total relax, beautiful sea, wonderful weather, delicious food, inspiration, small colourful details. 😍 I could not live in Sicily all year round, but it would be great to rest on it for a couple of months in the summer. 😎

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