The first emotion that makes me Singapore is the respect and admiration. Separated from Malaysia in 1965, they was third world country, but they believed in themselves. They believed that they could get up from his knees and conquer the world, and they did it!

Earlier Singapore was a small part of a large Malay Peninsula. Today – it is the first world country, and the Singapore one of the most expensive cities in the world.

They built their economies from scratch, because the world did not have such examples. They solved the problem of racial riots, they survived in those days, when the British left them and jeopardize the security of the country, they have learned to negotiate, they force the whole world believe in them, that they be reliable and in their future, they achieved their independence and grew. More precisely soared. For 50 years they have changed not only the appearance of the country, but also the inner attitude of the population. From the poor who had no culture, they learning to live luxuriously expensive and they have become one of the most respected people on the planet.

Hard-working, persistent, with dignity, with the brightest leaders of the head of state, they did it.

They trained their army out of the country because inside they dont have a space, they ensured their safety. They teach selected students in the best universities of the world to put them after at the helm. They were open to all cash flows, they grab every opportunity that helped them to attract money into the country. They showed to the world stage them, learning, persistence and unwavering faith in a brighter future.

They had just a small piece of land, the size of 715.8 sq.m. and they were built heavenward. Every millimeter in this city laid out in detail. All transport interchanges, the main centers of the location, width of roads and streets.

Singapore today – is one of the most powerful economic centers of the world. This infrastructure, this is the second Wall Street, it’s an unlimited amount of money, this is one of the cleanest cities in the world, is a place where you have to pay for everything.

I begun my acquaintance with Singapore to the airport, I was pleasantly surprised by its size and the number of different amazing exhibits inside. Changi International Airport, built on a former military air base of the British, by far the largest hub in Southeast Asia. By the way, the airport is one example of the proper use of their few territorial resources. Singaporeans love to spend time at the airport, go there just to eat, or to walk through the lobby.

This airport was one of the first airports in the world, in which have banned smoking indoors. They decided to influence people through psychological effects by setting the center of the airport glass flask, in which could smoke. Eyewitnesses smokers say that worse than the inside of the bulb, they have never felt. “You’re like in an aquarium stand with a cigarette in his mouth and all passing look at you with contempt! More than two minutes it was impossible to survive, wanted to run away or burn with shame! “- Says one of the smokers.

By the way, fans of smoke will not sweet, because in every corner hung signs prohibiting smoking in public places, have to work hard to find a corner where smoking is allowed.

Not without its amusing moments.

One evening I was lucky enough to watch an interesting picture. On the waterfront Clarke Quay, where the focus of restaurants and shopping malls. After dinner, strolling through the local beauty, I sat down for coffee, and next to me was a young couple. After some time, the young man lit a cigarette, waiter immediately ran up to him and told the that smoking is prohibited. On that imperturbable guest replied that he began to smoke only because they saw the cigarette on the ground. And you know, what was the response to the waiter? Honestly, I almost burst out laughing. He said: “Browsing can not smoke, but if you stand, you can!”.

Car also speaks for itself. Taxi, mostly Mersedes S-class, drivers are dressed in white shirts and dark trousers. A huge number of Ferrari and Lambargini. While the size of the tax in this country is 135%, what made their vehicles are 3 times more expensive than in Europe. And it is not bother car owners. Having got the conversation with the taxi driver about the price of the car, I was struck by his surprise at my statement that the price of these machines is expensive, because in his opinion, they are normal.

People on the streets are dressed with high quality and tasteful. Malls just covered with the most fashionable brands. Struck by the complete absence of the price of the windows. Even going inside you will not find any prices for as long as do not ask the sellers. This suggests that the standard of living allows them to buy this kind of thing without worrying about the cost.

If we talk about the architecture – it is the newest building, modern technology, high-speed elevators. In Singapore, from 1 to 57 floors can be reached in just a few seconds. Being realistic, Singapore looks like a city of the future, the city in which spacecraft travel through the universe.

The impression that this is a city for the young and affluent. No homeless person on the street, no grandmothers, no one person tormented problems and no fuss.

In Singapore, you can see an incredible number of different trees and flowers. Botanic Garden is densely planted with exotic vegetation, everything has to rest and relaxation.

If we talk about who is the indigenous people of Singapore, the question arises. Because historically, that this city was multinational. In my opinion from there home to about 40% English, 30% Chinese, and the remaining 30% of all kinds of Asian nations. Russian in three days, I have not met.

Turning to the economy, I note that in Singapore, represented almost all the world’s multinational companies. There is a certain area in the city, it is called the economic heart of Singapore, where are concentrated assets. Walking through it, it creates an indescribable feeling of grandeur and dignity. Remembering how hard they worked to reach that.

Of course, there were mistakes and difficult times, but the result was worth it. In the 50 years of the Third World countries, they became the First World country, radically changed the mentality of the people.

Singapore – a place that is worth a visit.

Arriving in Singapore recommend everyone to visit the Botanic Garden. In it you will find a variety of plants, which have not seen before, enjoy a walk, meet a lot of people involved in sports.

Also worth visiting is the famous Hotel Marina Bay, dine on the 57 floor overlooking the center of Singapore. But keep in mind that prices match the quality. Marina Bay – one of the most famous hotels in the world with an open-air swimming pool on the roof, which overlooks the fascinating and alluring Singapore. This place is considered to be one of those that definitely recommend visiting at least once in our lives.

Sentosa Island – the island of entertainment, to get to there I recommend by the air, using Cable Car. It’s kind of cablecar where they will take you from one part of town to another, on the way you can enjoy the local beauty.

Singapore – a place where you have to pay for everything.

Even for the wi-fi in the hotel. Arriving at any cafe, you leave a minimum of 50 euros. But what struck me most in the catering, so the fact that the waiters decide what they will bring to you. There was a funny incident, I ordered breakfast, which included a croissant. When they brought all but without croissant I called the waiter and asked when will the rest of the breakfast? He looked at me in surprise and said: “The croissants finished and we brought you focaccia.” And this is just one example. Because, for example, ordering the grilled octopus they once brought to me the potatoes. When I asked, “What is it?” and “Where is my fish? “, waiter rolled his eyes and brought over some time the octopus.

Concluding the story of the miracle by the name of Singapore, I want to say that if you have the opportunity – be sure to visit this small country, you will discover a lot of new, interesting and surprising, will gather a lot of ideas for all kinds of businesses.

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  • Katy Mayeaux


    It would be very interesting to hear the story of the visionary people who set the original goals and rules for Singapore’s growth. Most places aren’t able to strictly enforce a vision so that the development is what was originally desired. Who were the visionary founders, and how did they manage to shepherd the city so that it developed with such high standards?


    • ellina raisovna


      If you wish to find the answer for all your questions you should read a book of Lee Kuan Yew “From Third World to First. The Singapore Story: 1965 – 2000”. It is one wonderful book about how they became like that and what did they pass!


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