Street pictures

Street pictures.

Continuing the theme of Malaysia, I wanna to tell you about street pictures, which you can found in almost every town in this country. I will tell you about Georgetown in Penang.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the island of Penang, and one of the favorite entertainment of tourists – photographing with wall pictures and walk on Georgetown. By the way, since 2008, Georgetown is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One day, walking through Georgetown with my friend Petya, I saw a dilapidated building. And there, would be nothing unusual in this building, if on one of the walls, I was not saw a big picture, with the man sitting on a trishaw. I was surprised and happy to see something like that. It seems to be a normal picture, but is so harmoniously fit into the environment.


It looks that, the artists breathed a new life into old buildings. And the building does not looks any more so shabby. Vice versa – attracts attention and delights.

In Georgetown there is a street, walking through which, you can be enjoy to see street art of the Malays. But it is not the only place where you can see it, pictures can be found in any part of the city, is only need to look around.

All pictures are made very nice and interesting. You will wish to look at them, again and again.

On the day of my acquaintance with Georgetown, one of the local residents volunteered to be a guide. He told me that all drawings made by professional artists. And under each of them there is the name of the author.

Is interesting, that pictures often complemented by any real objects.

For example, if you see the picture of a cat, next to him surely will be a real bowl of milk. Next to the boy, which try to take a cup, surely will be a real chair. And in general, it will look like a real boy standing on a chair.


If all what you saw before will be not enough, you can visit Penang 3D Trick Art Museum. There you will be able to continue to enjoy the creativity of the Malays and do a lot of interesting and unusual photos.

Looking at the painted house, my attention was attracted by figures, made of a metal frame. From a distance, they looked like the street pictures. Just when I got closer, I saw that they are not painted, they are made of metal.

My guide told me, that each one metal frame has its own history and reflects the funny stories from the life of the Malays in the past.

When we finish the excursion, I thanked my guide for his generosity and went home.

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