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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt.

When I saw for the first time Cairo in the window of airplane, I was surprised by its size and color. I knew that Cairo is Egypt’s capital and largest city of the Middle East, so, I might think that it will be big city, but I even could not imagine that he would be so huge.

As a rule, the plane need about thirty minutes for a landing and during all that time we circled above Cairo. Houses and streets by orange-brown color, attracted me with its mystery. I thought, that I was in a fairytale of Aladdin and I had circling on the carpet-plane above the endless deserts of the East.



I have not yet visited any city in Africa, but it means only that I will! I am sure will come the day when I will get acquainted with its beauties, features and cultures. Africa is one of the oldest continent.

In this part of the world you will be able to plunge into the ancient atmosphere, to see how lived the pharaohs, to touch the wild nature and sunbathe under the scorching sun.