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Horrible Hollywood.

“Hollywood – the place where dreams come true,” by these words screenwriters described Hollywood in the film “Pretty Woman”. I believed them and therefore thought that Hollywood is some kind of magical place. ūü§© That the famous Walk of Fame, is located in the heart of the district (it is there), and on it day and night walk crowds of celebrities. That in the middle of this whole holiday of life lies a red carpet. In general, as you can see, I have rich imagination. ūüėá

Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Santa Barbara is one of the most glamorous cities in California. It differs from neighbouring settlements with magnificent architecture in the Mudejar style. The city of Santa Barbara is located between the Pacific coast and the Santa Ynez Mountains. All this, in conjunction with the excellent weather conditions, annually attracts to Santa Barbara thousands of tourists, and also celebrities and rich people.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Our new trip on the Caddo Lake can even be called amusing. The lake remained as beautiful as a couple of years ago, but the only thing that bothered me this time, was the presence of alligators in it. I do not know if they were there on our first visit, or they were transported there by someone until we arrived again, but now it’s a fact. On the Caddo Lake live alligators.

Houston, Texas, USA.

Of all the cities that I have visited in Texas, USA I most liked Houston. Houston – a city with a furious energy. Each time arriving in Houston, I would like to move, go somewhere, do something. I have the desire to dress nicely and simply walk on the streets.

By the way, about the streets of Houston. I do not know about you, but I get excited at the sight of “stone jungle”. Especially in sunny weather. I love to walk around the city and watch on skyscrapers, it seems to me that they kept some secrets. And next to these huge buildings, you feel a grain of sand in the grand universe.

Caddo Lake, Texas – Louisiana, United States.

About the Caddo Lake, which is located on the borders of the State of Texas and Louisiana, we learned from the friends. Caddo Lake Is located just 32 miles from Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a state park.

According to history, this lake is named for the Indian tribe named Caddo, that lived in the lake until they were expelled from there in the 19th century. One of the notable features of the Caddo Lake is are flooded cypress forests. They create a romantic atmosphere and attract tourists to this lake.

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Dallas and Fort Worth, it is two US cities that are located in the state of Texas. I combined Dallas and Fort Worth in one article because, firstly, they are located in the same agglomeration, and secondly, in spite of its major financial meaning for the United States, they are not very attractive for the tourists.

I believe that if you are going in Dallas for business, you will find many great opportunities, but if you will go to Dallas or Fort Worth like me, as a tourist, you will see that you can spend there  the weekend, make a shopping, visit local restaurants, but for sure you will not go there for vacation.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

New Orleans is a city in which “there is no reason not to drink.” Such a number of holidays, parades and parties that organise in this city I have not seen yet any where. By the way, because of this, the Americans called New Orleans “The Big Easy”, this name very clearly emphasises the free atmosphere of the city and the light-heartedness of its locals. During the day, the city looks like a normal metropolis, and in the evening turns into the kingdom of fun and debauchery.

Katy Mayeaux

Katy Mayeaux.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling – meeting new interesting people. I already told you about some of them, today I want to talk about Katy Mayeaux.

With Katy, we met during “My Roses Experience Tour”. She is just as I came to visit Gardens of the American Rose Center in that day. After that we found each other in Facebook and Katy offered to help me to visit her city of Shreveport. It was a great idea, so I agreed without hesitation. Unfortunately, I met Katy, just a week before my departure from the United States. But trust me, even in this short time, we had a great time with her.

My Roses Experience Tour

My Roses Experience Tour.

Roses… Idea to visit “Gardens of the American Rose Center” visited me often, but for various reasons I constantly postponed it. One day in the spring, finally I got into the car and drove there.

Gardens of the American Rose Center is located near the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. In May, in the southern part of America it is already quite hot, so I decided to go to there early in the morning, just to be sure I can take a walk easy and enjoy the view of roses.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.

As I already told, America and the Americans way of living is very different from the European. People, which cross the ocean, in order to see one of the youngest country in the world, will be surprised watching the life of Americans. Fun fact that, also Americans which traveling in Europe, surprised for the same arguments when they see the European way of living.

Recently in the book Amy Thomas ¬ęParis, My Sweet¬Ľ I read a funny moment, in which she said that the Europeans are very “cold” people, and that in the streets and cafes with her greets only the elderly, the others, overlooked Amy.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie and Clyde, I think in this world, everyone at least once heard about this criminal couple. Maybe not everyone knew the history of them, but to hear… It’s passed been more than 80 years, from May 23, 1934 when Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were ambushed and were shot by the Texas Rangers and officers from Louisiana on a rural road in Bienville, Louisiana, United States.