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What to do in Dusseldorf,

What to do in Düsseldorf, Germany.

As I said in the previous article, the German City of Düsseldorf is not a tourist city, but nevertheless offers its guests many interesting places to visit.

In Düsseldorf you can entertain yourself by visiting various museums, concerts, theatres, gardens, etc.

I made for you the top 8 attractions of Düsseldorf, which are definitely worth a visit. 

10 interesting facts Düsseldorf

11 interesting facts about life in Düsseldorf.

I’ll begin my story about Germany from Dusseldorf! Dusseldorf is exactly the city in which we lived for several months of winter. If you do not take into account the weather conditions in this city, and the time of year in which we settled there, then we can say that Düsseldorf is a wonderful city and I fell in love with it with all my heart.