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Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murty, The Old Man and His God.

A couple of weeks ago, one my Indian friend Vijay Milampure  brought me a gift from India. It was the book written by Sudha Murty «The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India». It was an unexpected and pleasant gift, because I love to read books. And with the words: «Sudha Murty is a very famous woman in India. She is like you. But she is traveling around India, and describes the events that happen to her. And you write about cities and countries, but she writes about people. Through this book you will be able better to understand India and our people”.

The mountain shadow

Gregory David Roberts, The Mountain Shadow.

The book “The Mountain Shadow” written by Gregory David Roberts, is a worthy sequel of the sensational bestseller “Shantaram”.

The novel “The Mountain Shadow”, was published in January 2015 and was doomed to success. Millions of people who read “Shantaram” was looking forward to read the sequel of an exciting story about the life of the main character Lin (Linbaba).


Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram.

Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts is fascinating story of the adventures in India, one Australian men who escaped from prison and became one of the boss in the Bombay mafia. The book is full of philosophy, shows the real picture of life in India, namely in Bombay in the 1980s, describes the lives of the people in the slums.