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Angelique Svetlova.

Have you ever met amazing women? I am, fortunately, yes, and more than once. Recently I met with another such amazing woman, and her name was Angelique Svetlova. Angelique is a very interesting and versatile woman, so I want to introduce you to her more closely.

La Perla family.

A few months ago, when the first time in my life we arrived in Iskenderun city, we stopped at the boutique hotel La Perla. Hotel La Perla it is a small hotel, that is located in the centre of the city and just a ten minute walk from the sea. On the ground floor there is a restaurant, and in the second floor, the hotel rooms. As we learned later, and then try for ourselves, the restaurant at the hotel is considered one of the best in the city.

Katy Mayeaux

Katy Mayeaux.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling – meeting new interesting people. I already told you about some of them, today I want to talk about Katy Mayeaux.

With Katy, we met during “My Roses Experience Tour”. She is just as I came to visit Gardens of the American Rose Center in that day. After that we found each other in Facebook and Katy offered to help me to visit her city of Shreveport. It was a great idea, so I agreed without hesitation. Unfortunately, I met Katy, just a week before my departure from the United States. But trust me, even in this short time, we had a great time with her.

Joao Melo

João Melo.

When we met the first time with João Melo he was working like a chef in Italian restaurant “Via Pre” in Penang, Malaysia.

One day I walked around Penang, admiring sights and by the way I saw one Italian restaurant and decided to try.


Gerald Weilbuchner.

Gerald’s story very interesting and inspiring. So, I would like to share it with you.

We met one and half years ago, at that time I was traveling around Austria. Gerald friendly and sympathetic person.

«I want to serve for the society and solve problems», once said Gerald and immediately confirmed his words by deeds.

Shu Ping

Shu Ping Chen about life in Taiwan.

Shu Ping Chen (陳淑萍) was born and grown up in Taiwan (Republic of China) in the town of Gang Xi (港 西). About eleven years ago, she married and moved to Italy, and we met in America.

Even I’ve never been in Taiwan, I was not interested about local attractions, I was more excited to know about the aborigines of Taiwan and their life.


David Sherick, collector cars.

My name is David Sherick.  I am 71 years old.

I was born in the UK but has lived 14 years in Switzerland, it was the post-war period. Living in Switzerland I had to learn the order of 8 languages, because people around me were talking in different languages, and if I wanted to go to school and have friends, I have to able to speak in all languages, it was not easy.