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Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

I don’t think that the famous creation of Victor Hugo “Les Misérables” needs a special introduction. I’m sure that even if you have not read “Les Misérables”, then you’ve probably heard about this book.

There are books that are laid down in the school program for reading, but, which in fact are worth reading already in adulthood. 


Angelique Svetlova.

Have you ever met amazing women? I am, fortunately, yes, and more than once. Recently I met with another such amazing woman, and her name was Angelique Svetlova. Angelique is a very interesting and versatile woman, so I want to introduce you to her more closely.

10 interesting facts Düsseldorf

11 interesting facts about life in Düsseldorf.

I’ll begin my story about Germany from Dusseldorf! Dusseldorf is exactly the city in which we lived for several months of winter. If you do not take into account the weather conditions in this city, and the time of year in which we settled there, then we can say that Düsseldorf is a wonderful city and I fell in love with it with all my heart.

Hello again!

Hello again!

Hello friends!

For a long time I did not write any articles and it was also a certain experience for me. In fact, blogging is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. A blog is creativity and all creative people have creative crises. So it happened the same to me. At some point, I was lost and did not know whether to continue to write further. But now I realised that it’s worth it, and I realised that my experience is useful for people.

Safety rules while travelling.

It is very important to know and follow safety rules, especially when you travel to a new country and culture.

Not so long ago, I conducted a survey on the topic: “What would you like to read in my blog?” Well, I analysed your answers and came to an interesting conclusion: there are topics that I have repeatedly disclose in my articles and I will continue to do so further, and there are some topics about which I did not think that it makes sense to write.

The Richest Man in

George Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon.

About the book “The Richest Man in Babylon,” written by George Clason the first time I heard a few years ago. But having read several book like this I decided did not read it. Fortunately, the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” again came into my hands, and this time I read it before the New Year.

In the book “The Richest Man in Babylon,” the author, by the mouth of the characters of the book, tells a few stories from the life of the Babylonians. Each of the storytellers always returns to the advice of a wise man, who was known as the richest man in Babylon.


Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie.

Mitch Albom book “Tuesdays with Morrie” fell into my hands a couple of weeks ago. In one of the meeting of members of the club «Friendship of nations», I complained to my girlfriends that I cannot find in Iskenderun, Turkey store, in which I could buy books in English. Fortunately, I have addressed to the address, because each of those girls had at the home library a lot of books in English.

La Perla family.

A few months ago, when the first time in my life we arrived in Iskenderun city, we stopped at the boutique hotel La Perla. Hotel La Perla it is a small hotel, that is located in the centre of the city and just a ten minute walk from the sea. On the ground floor there is a restaurant, and in the second floor, the hotel rooms. As we learned later, and then try for ourselves, the restaurant at the hotel is considered one of the best in the city.


Five opportunity, that are opened while traveling.

I always wanted to travel, but had never thought about it before, how valuable and profound it may be that experience. I can even more to say to you, I knew about some of the opportunity, but could not imagine how much they would be weighty in practice. All that I have listed below, is more suitable for those travellers who have the opportunity to live in a particular country at least a couple of months. Because if you come to one country to relax and admire its architecture, you will enjoy it, but to understand their lifestyle or make friends with local you will not be able.


La ragazza con la valigia.

“La ragazza con la valigia”, which translated from Italian means «Girl with a suitcase». One my Italian friend Cinzia calls me like that. By the way, this phrase very accurately describes my life the past few years. After deciding to travel, I had put my whole life in one suitcase and went to conquer the world.

Katy Mayeaux

Katy Mayeaux.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling – meeting new interesting people. I already told you about some of them, today I want to talk about Katy Mayeaux.

With Katy, we met during “My Roses Experience Tour”. She is just as I came to visit Gardens of the American Rose Center in that day. After that we found each other in Facebook and Katy offered to help me to visit her city of Shreveport. It was a great idea, so I agreed without hesitation. Unfortunately, I met Katy, just a week before my departure from the United States. But trust me, even in this short time, we had a great time with her.

My Roses Experience Tour

My Roses Experience Tour.

Roses… Idea to visit “Gardens of the American Rose Center” visited me often, but for various reasons I constantly postponed it. One day in the spring, finally I got into the car and drove there.

Gardens of the American Rose Center is located near the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. In May, in the southern part of America it is already quite hot, so I decided to go to there early in the morning, just to be sure I can take a walk easy and enjoy the view of roses.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.

Amazing facts about life of Americans.

As I already told, America and the Americans way of living is very different from the European. People, which cross the ocean, in order to see one of the youngest country in the world, will be surprised watching the life of Americans. Fun fact that, also Americans which traveling in Europe, surprised for the same arguments when they see the European way of living.

Recently in the book Amy Thomas «Paris, My Sweet» I read a funny moment, in which she said that the Europeans are very “cold” people, and that in the streets and cafes with her greets only the elderly, the others, overlooked Amy.

First flight

First flight.

It seems strange to talk about the first flight for someone in 2016, but this topic is really relevant. And there are millions of people in the world, of all ages, who have to make its first flight in the life.

The idea to write this article keep me during one of my own flight. On one of the trips, my neighbors in airplane was an elderly couple Ivanov (name fictional).