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The Maya civilization.

Many times I have heard about the Mayan civilization, their calendar, their progress in mathematics and astronomy, but I have never thought about their history. Where they lived? What they did? And what happened with them?

Arriving in Mexico, I had the opportunity not only to learn a little more about the Maya, but also to see the results of their work, which, by the way, very impressive. The stone city built in the middle of jungle, gone underground and re-excavated in the 19th century, add mystery and enigma to those places.



Cancun – a resort town in Mexico. Very famous for the Americans, but there you can also meet a lot of Russians, Italians, Chineses and citizen of other countries.

When you arrive in Cancun, it is difficult to imagine that about 50 years ago, it was a small fishing village, known only by Mexicans.